10 phrases that are better not to hear a person on a diet

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In principle, if a person reads the “Health” column on Goodshapetips, but still decides to go on a diet and lose weight by summer urgently, then it’s better not to touch him: he realized all the consequences, fought with himself and common sense, assessed the risks and made a voluntary decision. He needs! Here is a rating of motivators-demotivators that seem kind and convincing to you, but to a person on a diet – angry and aggressive. In fact, the entire top ten is divided into three large groups: provocations, valuable advice and compliments. Guess what annoys you the most?


They are at the bottom of our rating: firstly, they are easy to expose and accuse of bad intentions. And secondly, such methods are resorted to either by notorious bastards, whom you can ignore, or vice versa – the most dear people, whom … you can also ignore:

Those who have been on a diet at least once in their lives know perfectly well what will happen. While you are in full tie, you are still able to control yourself, but allowing yourself a “small piece”, break down, eat up and … Start over.

Mamo! Everyone in our family loves to eat well. And no one did genetic analyzes – so it’s not a fact that fullness is hereditary.

This is outright scam…

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