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How to protect yourself and your psyche from the constantly irritating factors of the surrounding city!? So sometimes you want to shout at a saleswoman chatting nicely on the phone during working hours, whose line is already ending on the street; on a citizen leaning on you in a bus during rush hour (he also brazenly tramples on your legs!); or upon arrival from his frantic work – on his beloved child, who managed to scatter his beloved, very expensive powder all over the palace … Goodshapetips learned how to overcome his indignation and benefit from the current situation for himself.

To know how to properly deal with the “enemy” (stress), you need to know him in person. According to the VTsIOM survey, the main cause of stress for Russians are:

  • rise in prices and the high cost of goods – 35%

  • 24% The biggest fear is unemployment. The same number of respondents are concerned about crime.

  • eighteen% very concerned about the housing problem

  • a 16% are worried about health.

According to the same survey, women experience stress twice as often as men. And here is how our compatriots relieve stress: The most common way to relieve stress for men (34%) is drinking, for women (24%) – knitting.

The same number of men and women (according to 13%) get rid of stress by playing with children. Women also read books, take a bath, talk on the phone, cook and eat, make flowers or take pills. For men, TV is in second place after drinking. But Sex relieves stress in a very small percentage of Russians: 13% of men and 6% of women.

In general, stress is the body’s response to irritation. During stress, there is an excess of energy. When there is any danger, the muscles of the body tense up, and the heartbeat and pulse quicken. The body needs to throw out the accumulated “charge”. So that the energy does not become destructive, you need to take yourself into arms and direct its potential in a positive direction.

Tips on how to relax, unwind and not hurt yourself can be found in this article.

one. So, let’s start with the simplest. Treat yourself to a cup of tea. There are so many varieties of tea that everyone can choose a drink to their liking. Tea can both invigorate and calm the nerves. Green tea relieves stress, mate tea tones up, and ginger tea is called the “elixir of love”.

2. Eat bananas. Substances contained in bananas contribute to the production of serotonin – the hormone of joy, they increase mood and cause a feeling of well-being and calmness.

Some ladies begin to seize bad mood and stress. Never do this! Can you imagine what will happen to your figure in a month!?

3. Try it better workout. Go to the gym or join the section of some team sport – volleyball, for example. After a while, you will not only become more balanced, but also see positive transformations in your figure. Well, what if sports Lifestyle you can’t handle it, do at least household chores in moments of increased stress: washing, cleaning, go to the dacha and ennoble your favorite area.

four. For someone, the saying of one wise man may come in handy: “You can neither think well, nor love well, nor sleep well if you ate badly.” After work, sit with your significant other in a restaurant or arrange Romantic dinner at home. A pleasant conversation at a beautifully laid table, delicious food and a glass of wine will help to cheer you up and forget about minor troubles.

5. If a queue at a supermarket or a bank, or a kilometer-long traffic jam, gets on your nerves, try to get distracted. After all, irritation will not speed up the work of the cashier anyway, and you will have time, for example, to figure out what to cook for dinner. If nervous tension makes you feel pinched, try knead a soft rubber ball with your fingers – this will relax the muscles.

6. Calmness and confidence are guaranteed to those who kiss often. A sweet, passionate kiss evokes feelings of joy and satisfaction. Another, no less pleasant, way to relieve stress – sex. In addition to the self-evident “hormone of joy”, sex will provide you with physical relaxation. After stormy love, you will not have the strength to be irritated and resentful. Yes, and a loved one simply will not be able to refuse you such a pleasant “treatment”!

Stress Relief Exercises

7. Do something nice for yourself, for example, buy yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers, and your mood will definitely improve. A fail-safe way to get rid of stress – aromatherapy. Create a fragrant paradise around you: a few drops of lavender, chamomile or valerian are soothing. Anise, orange and basil stabilize mood, eliminate depression, sadness and anxiety.

The light aroma of vervain will relieve headaches and feelings of nausea. Aromas of floral, warm woody and bright citrus oils can also be enjoyed in the bath. Add a few drops of fragrant oil to the water and enjoy the miraculous powers of nature!

eight. Stress can be the result of mental and physical fatigue. try a little relax and unwind: close your eyes and imagine yourself in a forest or by the sea. Think of something especially pleasant.

9. Headache due to stress? Do head massage: Massage your scalp as you would when washing your hair. Pass strand by strand between your fingers, and slowly pull hair up. You can do this on your own or with the help of a partner.

ten. Yoga also able to relax, discharge and harmonize body and mind. The statement that people who are fond of yoga are always calm and balanced is not unfounded. Yoga increases resistance to stress, increases stamina and improves concentration. Here

4 exercises to do with nervous irritation and depression:

one. Lie on your back and lift legs up, throw them over your head. Legs should be straight, heels together, toes stretch to the floor. Pull out both arms to your toes. Stay in this position for 5 minutes. Then slowly lower yourself to the floor, place your feet on the floor, and arms along the body.

2. Sit on your heels and grab them with your hands. Raise your pelvis up and forward, tilt your head back, pull your pelvis forward. Fix the pose and stay in this position for 3 minutes. You need to breathe slowly and deeply. Then gently lower yourself onto your heels.

3. Lie on your stomach and grab your ankles with your hands. Bend up so that your spine becomes like a bow. Raise your head and hips as high as possible. Hold the pose with deep slow breathing.

four. From a supine position, raise your legs to 90°, then lift your torso and grab your lower back with your hands. Rely on your elbows. Keep your torso perpendicular to the floor. Rest your chin on your chest, breathe slowly and deeply.

A good discharge for the body can be tears. Scientists have proven that tears contain peptides – substances that increase the body’s resistance to stress. No wonder they say that women who often cry during stressful, exciting situations are less likely to suffer from mental illness. Talking helps with stress. People who talk and gossip regularly are more level-headed than those who keep everything to themselves.

London scientists from King’s College found that letter helps to relieve accumulated stress: write everything that happened to you on paper, and it will become easier for you. It is not necessary to keep a diary or diary for a long time – it is quite enough to spend 20 minutes on it every day for 3 days.

Psychologists advise Furnish your home with your own photos. Choose at least 15 of your favorite photos of yourself happy and carefree and put them on the walls in your room. It is believed that this will allow you to calm down and feel more relaxed.

Specialist comments

A very interesting development was made by Russian scientists in the field of studying stress. They suggested using “Stress dispenser” – a device for assessing the degree of stress in the body. This small device for personal use captures the heart rate and breathing rate and “alerts” you when stress becomes dangerous to health and life.

Specialist comment:

Gennady Goncharov, head of the Moscow School of Hypnosis:

“According to the classical definition, stress is a physiological response of the body to any interaction with the external environment. However, it becomes tangible, turns into distress when a certain usual “dose” of adaptive energy costs begins to exceed the “norm” that determines mental and physical health. In this case, reserve forces are expended, the work of the adrenal glands is enhanced, immunity is reduced, neurogenic, psychogenic, infectious diseases occur.

A person’s ability to get rid of stress directly depends on how well he possesses the skills of relaxation and self-regulation, which are taught, for example, in our school of hypnosis.

Research conducted over several years in various research centers has shown that a state of peace of mind in the background of deep relaxation is extremely beneficial. This stabilizes the alpha rhythm of the brain. For example, the biorhythms of a woman who is in a state of depression become identical with those of a cheerful, cheerful, successful woman. This suggests that there is a certain program common to any organism.

In other words, every person is programmed by nature to be happy. And our task is not to lose this natural gift, to practice relaxation as often as possible. And then the soul will really be in a state of harmony, and all seemingly inevitable stressful situations will be nothing!”

… Many stars on the warpath with stress, they use the simplest “weapons”: Nicolas Cage runs 10 kilometers daily, George Clooney also prefers sports – he plays basketball for two hours every day.

But the actor Matthew McConaughey excelled in this regard – he did not find anything better to relieve stress than to beat drums at home for hours. True, getting rid of tension in this way, he brings his neighbors to a nervous breakdown …

* * *

In general, there would be a desire, but there are always many ways to get rid of a bad mood and irritation. Each person is unique, and what suits one may only make it worse for another. You know yourself much better than anyone! Experiment, and you will definitely find a way to harmony with yourself and others.

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