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Thai massage is a great way to relieve tension, restore tone to your muscles, and calm your soul. This is a real art, which is more than one millennium old. Goodshapetips introduces its readers to the history, principles and basics of real Thai massage.

A real Thai massage is an amazing procedure that not only allows you to always stay in great shape and helps to find peace of mind, but also cures many diseases.

Yes, this is not surprising: the art of Thai massage is more than 2.5 thousand years old! Of course, its modern version is slightly different from what existed at the time of formation. But this is, in principle, very good.

The fact is that the changes that this type of massage only benefit him. And at present, Thai massage has gained well-deserved popularity among people who devote maximum time to their health.

Let’s find out what a real Thai massage is. And let’s try to master its basics.

Real Thai massage technique

History of occurrence

Thai massage or, as it is sometimes called, yoga-massage as a healing system has been perfected for several millennia.

He experienced the influence of both India and other countries of Southeast Asia.

The fact is that about 2500 years ago (the first mention of Thai massage dates back to this year) Thailand was the center of the intersection of many paths and, therefore, absorbed the features of many neighboring cultures.

The founder of the Thai massage system – or the Thai healing system – is Jiva Kumar Bhikku, a doctor from India who, according to some reports, was a friend of the Buddha himself.

In Thailand it is often called Doctor Shivaka. True Thai masseurs to this day have retained the custom of reciting a mantra in honor of Jiva.

Over time, Dr. Shivaki’s massage has evolved more traditionally for Thais. The Thai massage technique has been passed down from generation to generation only orally.

The same texts that were made earlier were somehow destroyed under the influence of various historical events in Thailand.

However, there is a place that still bears the imprint of the history of Thai massage – this Wat Pho Monastery in Bangkok.

In this monastery, various schemes of energy lines and special points on the human body are carved on stone slabs, which are used in the Thai healing system.

In ancient times, training could only take place in a special temple. Thai massage was not only a system of healing, but also of religious beliefs and philosophy.

A person who did not have good intentions within himself could not start a session.


Exist different schools of Thai massage: those that practice in the south of Thailand, and in the north.

Another feature of Thai massage is that it should not be perceived as a massage, since it is not similar to traditional massage, and does not quite serve the same purposes.

Although many perceive Thai massage as a sexual foreplay, he is not. More precisely, it is, but this is not its main focus.

The main thing is related to the goal. restoration and maintenance of health, healing, harmonization of spirit and body.

Thai massage in the role of erotic is more used to cover up prostitution, which is very common in Thailand, and in Russia, ancient Thai art is often used for personal gain.

In Thailand, most residents “know how” to do Thai massage, but it has little to do with the real one.

Therefore, a healing and harmonizing system should not be confused with a simple attempt to make money.

Learning the art of Thai massage

Principles of Thai massage

Thai healing system based on the impact of the hands and feet of the massage therapist on special points, activation of energy flows in the human body by kneading, pressing, passive exercises, some yoga postures and other types of exposure.

Thai massage is based on information from Indian Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine.

And this is basically the idea that every person has seven energy chakras or channels through which energy circulates.

When the chakras stop (for various reasons), this leads to an imbalance in the body, health and mental state of a person.

Thanks to Thai massage, it becomes possible to restore the work of the chakras, and, consequently, health and psyche.


Massage should be done by a real master of the Thai system. And those are only those who spend most of their lives in meditation, in reading mantras – that is, highly spiritual people.

They have a special ability with their hands or on an intuitive level to feel the flows of energy in the human body or their absence.

During the session, they must fill the patient’s chakras with cosmic energy.

Before each session, as already mentioned, the master says the mantra:

In the pronunciation of the mantra, the participation of both the master himself and the patient is necessary: ​​that is, the patient must also wish to be healed and ask Dr. Shivaki for this.

Good relations between the master and the patient are obligatory, there must be a positive attitude and faith in healing, faith in the healing power of the master.

Calm atmosphere, detachment from everyday fuss are important conditions for Thai massage.

First of all breathing is established, which must match the healer and the patient. First, the body is relaxed, you should empty your head, get rid of all thoughts.

The longer the duration of the massage, the better, according to Thai healers: from one to several hours is the most common duration of the procedure.

The healer-masseur and his patient should wear a light shirt and trousers made of natural fabric. The shirt must be short sleeved. The patient should lie down on a special mat.

The action of the massage occurs through 10 main acupuncture points of the body. Through them, the master introduces cosmic energy (prana) and distributes it throughout the body, through the chakras.

Preliminary relaxation occurs: the impact on the points on the patient’s feet. Then the master begins to do stretching, pressing, twisting the muscles, that is, techniques that are completely uncharacteristic for ordinary European massage.

Thanks to them, the patient plunges into a state similar to a trance, when he can deeply comprehend his whole life and perceive it brighter and more positively.

During Thai massage, the master reaches the deepest muscles of the patient, which traditional massage therapists do not reach, completely relieves them of tension.

With a massage blood circulation increases, the activity of the cardiovascular system improves, the process of cleansing the body begins, which lasts some time after the massage.

Thanks to Thai massage, a person’s mental state improves, and calmness that was previously inaccessible appears.

At the end of the procedure, the master makes a facial massage, on which everything ends, and the shape of the face instantly improves, wrinkles are smoothed out, and the color improves.

Thus, immediately noted main improvements:

one. Relaxation of all muscles of the human body,
2. Improvement in mental state,
3. Improvement of all body systems,
4. Launching all non-working chakras.

“Thai massage is a complex science, which can be comprehended only after a long study of theory and practice. However, the healing principles of Thai massage are available to each of us.

By performing a few simple manipulations daily, we can strengthen our body and charge it with positive energy.

Our hands – in addition to helping us serve ourselves in the material world – are also our energy centers.

On the palms of a person, all the paths of movement of Qi energy intersect. Through the palms, energy is able to penetrate into our body and nourish it.

Many have probably noticed that when we freeze, the hands and feet are the first to get cold. And vice versa – as soon as we warm the hands and feet, the heat spreads throughout the body.

This effect is achieved by stimulating the energy channels and “pumping” the body with energy.

Several points for self-massage

Pericardial point – This is the main energy center located in the very center of the palm.

If you bend your fingers so that their tips rest against the palm, then the tip of the middle finger will just point you to this point.

Large intestine point – this is the point of control of all pain impulses in the body.

It is located on the back of the hand, in a recess at the intersection of the phalanxes of the thumb and forefinger.

Also located on the palms projection zones of all organs and systems of the body.

For example, the eyes project onto the distal (nail) phalanx of the index and middle fingers; ears – on the middle phalanx of the ring finger and little finger; larynx – proximal (closest to the palm) phalanx of the index finger; tonsils, teeth, lips – the middle phalanx of the index finger.

The lungs and heart are projected onto the palmar tubercle of the thumb, the thyroid gland onto the proximal phalanx of the thumb, and brain structures onto the distal phalanx of the thumb.

The pancreas occupies the palmar tubercles of the index and middle fingers.

The stomach, spleen, and kidneys are located just below the palmar tubercles of the little and ring fingers.

The rest of the palm space went under the projection of the intestine. The rectum and prostate are located on the wrist directly under the thumb.

Knowing the rules for the correct impact on biologically active points, you can always help yourself and your loved ones.

10 secrets of Thai massage

1. Perform self-massage no earlier than an hour after eating;

2. Try to relax at the time of self-massage, disconnect from problems and experiences and fully focus on inner feelings;

3. You need to sit in a comfortable chair or on a chair, the feet should fit snugly on the floor, it is better to remove or unfasten the watch, belt and tie. Remove glasses and shoes before starting self-massage;

4. Start the massage by kneading the brushes, walk through all zones 9 times, knead painful or sensitive points more thoroughly;

5. Breathe in while tightly clenching your teeth, buttocks and anus, press your tongue against the upper palate, continuing the massage, holding your breath while inhaling;

6. Performing a massage, mentally imagine how the flow of energy enters your hands;

7. Your hands should be warm and warm. Cold and wet hands minimize the benefits of massage;

8. Massage the points of the pericardium and large intestine well.

If pain occurs, achieve its disappearance with active circular movements in this area. Perform massage with the tip of your thumb;

9. Massage along all the main lines of the palm, focusing on pain points;

10. Massage the back of your hand, then massage each finger separately.

For all occasions

If you have a disease of any organ, then focus more attention on the projection zone of this organ on the hand.

In case of anxiety, fright or fear, massage the little fingers more actively, This type of massage will quickly help get rid of fears.

This technique can be used before exams, public speaking, and before important negotiations so that emotions do not interfere with concentration. With problems with the kidneys, massage of the little fingers is also indicated.

Massaging the ring finger will calm anger. The same massage will help overcome cravings for alcohol, nicotine and drugs (but do not confuse the combination “will help overcome” with the concept of “remove completely”). The ring finger is associated energetically with the liver and gallbladder.

Grief, grief, depression will help to overcome the massage of the index finger, his massage is indicated for problems with the lungs and large intestine. Impatience – middle, the heart and small intestine belong to the same finger.

Massaging the thumb will help with stomach problems and also relieve anxiety.

Start the massage with the left hand, finish with the right.

In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about head massage. It is useful for everyone, it increases the blood supply to the scalp, stimulates hair growth, enhances the nutrition of the skull and hair.

The basic rule regarding self-massage of the head includes thorough combing of the hair with a stiff (but not scratching the scalp) brush at least 25-50 times two to three times a day.

Dizziness, hypertension, excessive nervous excitability and headaches can be fought by massaging the top of the head with the middle fingers.

Thai massage is a very voluminous topic and requires a lot of time to study and comprehend the secrets of technology.

The foregoing is only a brief summary, which the dear reader will be able to use independently at home. Be healthy and always full of positive vital energy!”

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