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Stress triggers a series of troubles moving in a vicious circle: emotional problems cause a deterioration in well-being and various diseases, and they affect our mental state. Even if the causes of stress have been eliminated and there is nothing more to worry about, on a physiological level, it can continue to influence. Inexplicable anxieties, fears, bad mood, nervousness for no reason – all these are echoes of previous shocks. That is why it is necessary to be able to relax and set yourself up for a calm positive wave.

Of course, there are various drugs that help reduce the effects of stress, but most of them must be prescribed by a doctor, and besides, they are temporary therapy. It is better to use simple proven tools that will only benefit. Goodshapetips offers its ideas.

Bath with additives

Water is great for relaxation. Take a warm bath, add essential oils of lavender, mint, orange, ylang-ylang, frankincense, bergamot or herbal decoctions of valerian, oregano, motherwort, thyme. Turn on calm music, lie down in fragrant water for about 15-30 minutes – and stress will be replaced by peace.

And if you add mustard, milk, soda or ginger to the bath, you can get additional benefits from such water procedures. We talked about this in the article “How to take a bath with health benefits.”

Massage and self-massage

If you have the opportunity, visit a good massage therapist who is familiar with various manual techniques. It will relieve you of muscle clamps and tension. After a course of massage, you will feel that you have become healthier and much calmer.

Do not be lazy to do self-massage, use creams, oils and warming balms. A magnetic roller with blunt needles will also benefit the skin and muscles. Instructions for self-massage can also be found on our website – for example, in the article “How to do a foot massage”.

Tea with bitter chocolate

The tea drinking procedure itself has an amazing sedative effect. It is important that the drink is of high quality and tasty. It is good if the tea contains useful additives, for example, mint, oregano, jasmine. You can learn more about the positive effect of such drinks from our article “Tea with additives: benefits and harms.”

A piece of dark chocolate is a great addition to tea because it contains L-tryptophan, a substance that helps to relax the nervous system.

Good books and movies

Read books with good endings, like Charles Dickens or Jane Austen. Don’t like English classics? Choose the works of your choice. If the book is interesting, it will distract you from everyday problems.

Watch positive movies: happy melodramas, comedies, adventures, New Year’s movies, but not at night, because watching TV does not contribute to sound sleep.

Needlework and creativity

Learn to knit. This type of needlework is a great way to get distracted and relax: calm your nerves, and a new thing will appear. No less useful types of creativity are embroidery and modeling. And if you doubt your abilities, use our master classes from the “Do It Yourself” section – you’ll see, you will succeed!

Another type of art therapy is coloring mandalas or any other pictures. On sale you can find suitable albums and magazines.

Communication with animals

Communication with animals brings a lot of benefits to a person, improves health, cheers up, and calms. There is even such a thing as zootherapy. It has been proven that the level of serotonin in our body becomes higher after we pet a cat or dog.

If you don’t have pets, spend time at the zoo or dolphinarium, ride a horse.

Swimming, stretching, dancing or yoga

Choose an activity you like and sign up for a sports studio – swimming, stretching, dancing and yoga contribute to relaxation and good mood. In addition, physical activity will help you improve your health, figure and make new friends.

Chat with friends

Spend time with friends in a pleasant environment: go to a cafe, to the theater, to an exhibition, go shopping, visit a spa or just take a walk. Even if there is no desire, force yourself to leave the house, you will see – it will become easier!

Sleep and electrosleep

Perhaps the best way to relax is a good night’s sleep. Try to provide everything you need for him: a comfortable bed, silence, fresh air. Find out how to do it in our article “Healthy sleep: fall asleep, wake up, sleep.”

If you can’t fall asleep for a long time, wake up often, and get up hard in the morning, try contacting a physiotherapist for an electrosleep therapy. This procedure contributes to the normalization of the nervous system.


When we feel good, we smile – this is how our body reacts to pleasant impressions and pleasures. Trigger a backlash, smile when something bothers you or you don’t like it, even if you have to do it through force. It is best at this moment to go to the mirror to see your smile.

We wish you peace and good mood!

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