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Only young people of military age benefit from this disease. But women who absolutely do not need it suffer from flat feet 4 times more often than men. Firstly, because of high heels, which change the natural distribution of body weight on the foot. And secondly, because of pregnancy, when not only weight increases, but also a special hormone is released that relaxes the ligaments (which is necessary for a growing tummy and the birth process).

And among hairdressers, salespeople, consultants, dentists, surgeons and representatives of other “female” professions who spend a lot of time on their feet, flat feet are even more common than varicose veins. But if in childhood, flat feet can still be cured, then for adults, pain and rapid fatigue of the legs become a lifelong burden. What to do if you have to put up with the diagnosis of “flat feet” for the rest of your life?

It would seem that for the maximum distribution of the weight of the human body, every square centimeter of the foot should participate in the support of the foot. In fact, the foot touches the ground at only a few points. Everyone saw the imprint of a healthy bare foot on the beach. And he was probably surprised how different it was from the structure of the leg itself. Only a reduced projection of the heel, the crescent of the anterior arch and the last phalanges of the five fingers are imprinted on the sand. Why does a person so irrationally use his already insufficient two points of support?

For the fact that a person by nature is a restless creature, and a static position on two legs is not at all the most natural for him. For walking, running, you need a more mobile structure, and most importantly, more springy. After all, concussion at every step is far from being welcomed by all internal organs. Of course, most of them (for example, as important as the brain) have developed their own cushioning systems over time. Every other organ has its own muscular “suspension”. The spine takes on a significant role in smoothing out the constant shaking.

But still, the main shock absorbers when walking and running are the feet. It is the complexity of their design that does not allow artificial robots to master the soft and economical human gait. The electronic filling of the robot, when walking, in comparison with human organs, feels the same as a rider on a wooden wheel compared to a passenger in a modern sedan.

That is why the structure of the human foot is so far from the plane in its shape. The muscular arches sag with each step under the weight of the weight transferred to the leg and compress again, like springs. At the same time, the foot is concave not only along (fingers – heel), but also across. Accordingly, flat feet can be longitudinal and transverse, and most often mixed.

One of the most common reasons for the development of flat feet in women is overweight. Like any mechanism, our foot is designed for a certain load. Extra pounds lie on the arch of the foot with an exorbitant load, simply flattening it, no matter how the muscles resist. The same thing happens when lifting weights. That is why even a slender girl with a backpack always stuffed with all sorts of rubbish is a potential victim of flat feet.

Unfortunately, a complete cure for flat feet is possible only in childhood. In adults, the development of the disease can only be prevented. Or slow down – do not let the foot “fall apart” further. In both of these cases, the arch support will help us, which makes the muscles and ligaments of the foot work and protects the spine from overload. Arch support (orthopedic insoles) differ from the usual ones in that they raise the leg exactly where it is needed: along the inner edge of the foot and between the base of the first and fifth fingers. Moreover, individually for each individual leg, the three-dimensional deformation of which is as unique as the shape of the ears.

Exist thin prophylactic insoles made of latex, which are put into shoes. For preventive purposes, such an arch support should be used no more than 3-4 hours a day, the rest of the time giving the feet a reasonable load. After all, muscles and ligaments, of course, get used to the support – so much so that they stop working on their own.

If flat feet have already been diagnosed, you will need thicker instep. After all, now he must soften the vibrations that are inevitable when walking, and improve the blood supply to the foot in those areas that are not pressed against the sole of the shoe in a healthy state. With severe flat feet, it is advisable to wear arch supports all the time and even put them in slippers, since this is the only way to block the disease.

If your foot is soft and sagging, you need a hard frame arch support that not only supports the arch of the foot, but also acts as a good trainer. For a stiff foot that is firmly fixed in the wrong position, softer designs are needed. And in any case, you should get rid of tight, narrow-toed shoes with high heels, no matter how much you want to seem fashionable and stylish. Moreover, the current democratic fashion allows you to make a choice in favor of comfortable and practical shoes that are in no way inferior in elegance.


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