11 factors that will delay cancer

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Surely most of our recommendations will seem familiar to you. But it is possible that you will discover a lot of new things for yourself.

Do not smoke

Get rid of even passive smoking. Of course, not all smokers die from lung cancer, but almost everyone who died from it was a smoker. “In Moscow, experienced smokers have the opportunity to regularly undergo low-dose computed tomography for free, and this is the gold standard for lung cancer prevention,” he reminded us. Vladislav Mileiko, head of oncodiagnostics at Atlas biomedical holding.

Give up alcohol

The risk of various types of cancer, including breast, colon, kidney and liver cancer, increases with the amount of alcohol consumed.

Watch your body weight

“According to the latest data, more than ten types of cancer are associated with obesity,” warns Dmitry Olkin, oncologist-chemotherapist at Atlas Medical Center. “Including breast, prostate, lung, colon and kidney cancers. The optimal combination of a healthy diet and active physical activity, at least for half an hour daily.

Watch your nutrition

This advice follows logically from the previous one. The diet should be based on fruits, vegetables and other plant foods.

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