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Three Causes of Red Eyes

If you spend a lot of time at the computer, then your eyes are in the “risk zone”. Feeling of dry eyes, feeling of “sand” in the eyes, redness are the most common problems of almost all office workers. And not only them. Many avid gamers, professional programmers and other people who have to work at the monitor for a long time complain about red eyes. There are several main reasons why red-eye appears after working on a PC:

1. The same type of load. There is a tension of the same eye muscles. When working at a computer, the focal length is aimed only at working at close range, we do not redirect our gaze near or far, we do not look around, that is, we do not use different groups of eye muscles;

2. Reduced blinking frequency. By blinking an average of 20-25 times per minute, we not only moisten the cornea of ​​the eye, stabilize the state of the tear film, but also “reboot the brain”, switching from object to object in the intervals between logically completed events in brain activity. So, when working at a computer, we blink 3-4 times less than usual. Not only does the cornea of ​​the eye dry up, but also the work of the brain slows down significantly. When telling patients that blinking while working at a PC is very important, I usually give an example comparing the eyelids to the “wipers” on a car, which perform the function of cleaning, stabilizing and clearing vision;

3. Monitor flickering. Although modern monitors are now, the computer screen is essentially a bright lamp, the light from which is directed into our eyes during working hours. It is no wonder that after 8 hours of such intense work, our eyes are red, sore and watery. And the release of tears in this case acts as a protective reaction of the eye, moisturizing the anterior structures of the eyeball.

Rules for working at a computer that you did not know (or forgot)

There are recommended standards when working with a PC:

– The PC screen should be at a distance of 60 – 70 cm from the user’s eyes, but not closer than 50 cm, taking into account the size of alphanumeric characters and symbols.

– When working with a PC, the user must take a break every 60 minutes of continuous work for 5-10 minutes, respectively. If the visual load is longer and more continuous, the amount of break increases from a quarter to a third of an hour every 120 minutes.

— The monitor must be equipped with an anti-reflective coating.

– The monitor should stand so that it is not exposed to light from a bright lamp or the sun’s rays (hello to freelancers on sun loungers!).

– Eye level should pass through the center of the screen or 2/3 of its height.

And 3 more invaluable tips to keep your eyesight

A few topical tips to improve, maintain vision, relieve redness from the eyes, feelings of dryness, “sand in the eyes”:

Gymnastics for the eyes.Taking a break from working at the PC, you can do the so-called gymnastics for the eyes, where the main action is to look into the distance: in this way, the eye relaxes. And the further you look, the better. You can also close your eyes tightly, open them wide, rotate them clockwise and counterclockwise. You can put warm palms on your closed eyes for a few seconds. Thus, you will relieve eye strain, improve blood circulation in the eyes, and stabilize the tear film.

Protective glasses. You can use special glasses for PC – they have a coating that makes the feed from the monitor screen more comfortable.

Drops. During prolonged work at the PC, it is necessary to use moisturizing drops, well, which ones, you need to clarify at the appointment with a specialist.

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