12 unconventional tips to help you live longer

Health Tips

Add light

Start every morning with bright light: turn on the electric in winter, open the curtains in summer and spring, so you will produce cortisol faster, you will be more cheerful and easier to endure all day activities. And every evening, on the contrary, turn off the lights, avoid bright gadgets and monitors, so that nothing interferes with the production of melatonin and there are no problems with sleep.

Use creams with SPF

The absence of sun in autumn and winter does not mean that there is no radiation, which is the main cause of skin photoaging. During the day in the cold season, use a cream with SPF10, in the summer, even in the city – from 20 units.

Apply masks in the morning

The best time for any beauty treatments is from 8 am to 10 am. From noon to 6 pm, there is no need to wait for a special effect from any facial procedures: at this time of the day you feel physically tired, and your skin may simply refuse to absorb beneficial substances. After 6pm is the best time to clean your face, but put the masks aside in the morning.

Go to the bath

Sports, banya, sauna are controlled stresses. Constantly repeating with an increase in load, duration and intensity, they gradually accustom the body to adapt to changing external conditions, and in a situation of real stress, it turns out to be prepared. There is also a popular belief that with the help of a bath, many acute and chronic diseases can be cured or significantly alleviated. The healing mechanism in this case is based on the impact of high temperatures: the body receives a signal about the super-strong thermal effect and launches a program of self-diagnosis and self-healing.

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