30% of Russians are genetically prone to depression

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Genetic analysis was carried out by genotyping on microarrays, which examined more than 560,000 genetic markers. Every third Russian has the rs6265-T variant, the BDNF gene. Carriers of this mutation are more likely than others to experience depression and suicidal ideation. Such people, as a rule, are introverts, it is they who are more likely to have attention deficit disorder.

It is now obvious to most that depression is a disease, and not a consequence of weakness of character. And, like most diseases, it requires medical treatment, but the ineffectiveness or undesirable effect of antidepressants may be associated with the wrong tactics of choosing a drug.

The BDNF gene is important for long-term memory and the normal functioning of the nervous system. Its mutations lead to increased mental sensitivity (sensitivity) – they make us especially touchy, easily vulnerable. Think about this when you are about to scold a child or subordinate for inattention. In general, these people cope with mental stress as well as others and are capable of making quick decisions, but delicacy is required in dealing with them. Criticism definitely does not increase either their performance or love of life. Arguments like “get it together, rag” are definitely not for them.

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