4 rules of household hygiene that many do not think about (and in vain)

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1. Even bananas need to be washed.

It would seem, why wash bananas if you peel them anyway? The fact is that on the peel of bananas there may be eggs of parasites – most often these are whipworms that cause trichuriasis. If the skin breaks, they can get on the fruit. If the fruit is overripe, with blackened areas, it is likely that the eggs have already penetrated the fruit itself.

Vlasoglav refers to geohelminths – parasites whose eggs and larvae develop in the environment (and not in the body of an intermediate host, as sometimes happens). Geohelminths can be present wherever organic fertilizers are used, including manure, which can be infested with worm eggs.

2. Stock up on new cookware

You may be surprised, but even the most well-groomed housewives in the kitchen may not have a strict division of utensils into two types: for raw meat / fish and everything else. These are not inventions, but the recommendations of hygienists: on a board for raw meat, chicken or fish, in no case should you cut bread or other products that are not subjected to heat treatment after cutting.

Almost any board has slots (wooden) or notches from a knife (plastic), where blood and meat particles get during cutting. They cannot be washed, and it is unlikely that you will carry out a complete disinfection of utensils after each use.

After washing, water still gets into these cracks – and now the bacteria are almost at the resort, in an environment favorable for reproduction.

In any case, the boards need to be changed periodically, especially wooden ones. They are generally the most dangerous in this regard. But if you really want to have a beautiful and environmentally friendly wooden board, it must be with a special coating, and it is better to use it for something dry – for example, only for bread. The most hygienic option is a glass board.

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Previous3. Don’t look down the toilet when you flush.
3. Don’t look down the toilet when you flush.

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