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Osteopathic treatment is an amazing panacea for a number of diseases. And among them there are those that the average person does not associate with manual therapy. Many people think that if they do not have, for example, a disease such as scoliosis, visiting an osteopathic doctor has nothing to do with them. However, this is not the case. The list of diseases that can be treated with osteopathic treatment is almost endless. And today I would like to talk about what women’s problems can be solved by an osteopathic doctor.

These are the top 5 problems that concern every woman that they have encountered at least once in their lives.

1. Heavy menstruation

Nature is so conceived that every month a woman should lose a certain amount of blood, but such an amount that will not affect her well-being. Abundant discharge is when a woman has to change personal hygiene products more than 4 times a day. Abundant discharge occurs for a number of reasons. The first is formations in the uterine cavity. If the examination did not reveal any changes, the reason may be the venous plethora of the uterus, which is associated with its prolapse. Usually, volumetric processes in the genital organs occur with a general prolapse of the internal organs. I observed such a picture in almost all patients who came to me with complaints of heavy menstruation. The prolapse of the internal organs, first of all, is related to injuries of the coccyx. Osteopathic treatment can eliminate the root cause: return the shifted pelvic bones and lowered organs to the correct position, after which all processes in the body are getting better. After a course of osteopathic treatment, the amount of blood lost can be significantly reduced as a result.

2. Premenstrual syndrome

Not only women are afraid of this syndrome, but everyone who surrounds them during this period, since PMS contributes to the deterioration of a woman’s well-being and mood. Why is this happening? When I examined women who came to me with complaints of PMS, I found that most of them had suffered head injuries. Most often, it was about injuries in the fronto-facial region, which the patient suffered in childhood. As you know, the hormones oxytocin and endorphin, which are secreted by the pituitary gland, are responsible for our good mood. If the brain is not squeezed by the cranium and it is well supplied with arterial blood, a sufficient amount of hormones is released to eliminate the possibility of sudden and unexpected mood swings. If a woman had a head injury in the past, then in the premenstrual period, due to a sharp drop in progesterone levels, a spasm of cerebral vessels can occur, which will lead to a change in mood, sharp manifestations of aggression, irascibility. Osteopathic treatment helps to improve the blood supply to the brain, due to which the amount of “happiness hormones” produced increases and a woman tolerates a decrease in hormones in the premenstrual period much easier.

3. Infertility

The harmonious development of the female reproductive system directly depends on the synchronous work of the endocrine organs. Thus, the functioning of the reproductive organs is associated with the production of certain hormones by the pituitary and hypothalamus. The pituitary gland is located on the lower surface of the brain. Its size is very small – no more than a pea. But despite the fact that the pituitary gland is protected by cerebrospinal fluid and the bones of the skull, it can be damaged due to traumatic brain injuries. If the pituitary gland is damaged, it begins to produce hormones in insufficient or excessive amounts. This cannot but affect the work of a number of organs, in particular, cause infertility. Practice has shown that all patients with infertility who have ever come to me have suffered skull injuries in the past. Osteopathic treatment corrects the violation of the mobility and position of the bones of the skull, improves the blood supply to the brain, therefore, the functions of the damaged area of ​​the brain are restored. Based on my practice, I can conclude that the majority of patients diagnosed with habitual miscarriage or infertility after a course of treatment by an osteopath became pregnant, and the birth was successful.

4. Depression

Spleen, apathy, bad mood – we usually look for the cause in bad weather, conflicts with people, circumstances, etc. All this, of course, affects our emotional state, but the causes of depression may be somewhat different. So, the following hormones are “responsible” for a good mood: oxytocin, endorphin, serotonin, dopamine. They are produced in certain areas of the cerebral cortex and subcortical formations. The brain needs a good blood supply in order for all its parts to perform their functions properly. If the brain does not receive enough blood, hormones are produced in insufficient quantities. Consequently, a person may be prone to depression, often in a depressed state. There are different ways to relieve stress and get rid of depression, but if the root cause is not removed, their effect will be short-lived, and the depressed state will “cover” you again. First of all, the osteopath must restore the correct position of all bones, balance the body, free the bones of the skull and blood vessels, thereby providing the brain with a good blood supply.

5. Puffiness of the face

Appearance, beauty, skin quality are very important for women. When it comes to swelling of the face, many attribute this symptom to an unhealthy diet, leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Of course, these factors affect the appearance of a person. But it happens that a woman does not suffer from any diseases, leads a relatively healthy lifestyle, and wakes up in the morning with swelling and a “lowered” face. In this case, the cause of edema (stagnation of fluid in the facial tissues) lies in the compression of the venous, lymphatic vessels. Both soft tissues and bones can “compress” them. At night, when you lie down and the body is on the same level with the head, the outflow of fluid is difficult, which is why swelling is so noticeable in the morning. Reducing swelling is easy to achieve with osteopathic treatment, which will eliminate the compression of blood vessels and ensure the outflow of blood.

There is one simple way that will allow you to know in a few seconds if you have fluid stagnation. Put your hands on your head and try to bring your fingers towards the back of your head. The formation of a skin fold will be an indicator that you have a high degree of swelling.

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