5 cups of tea to be beautiful!

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The great Spaniard Lopa de Vega once wrote that “in a woman, as experience teaches us, health and beauty are inseparable.” These words are almost four centuries old, but, you see, the statement remains relevant.

A fresh complexion, a taut figure, ease of movement, shiny hair, a white-toothed smile – all these “signs of health” can adorn us much more than regular facial features given by nature.

Each of us has our own beauty recipes. But do we all remember about one, truly miraculous source from which we can draw beauty, health, good mood?

…It is considered a recognized drink of beauty, health and longevity, is one of the main sources of antioxidants, contains a natural complex of vitamins and trace elements, strengthens the immune system, helps to resist stress and fight depression.

If you decided that we are talking about some kind of mysterious elixir, then you were mistaken. It’s all tea! The same tea that we consider a familiar everyday drink and – most likely – do not consider it a reliable means for maintaining beauty and health.

Meanwhile, drinking only five cups of tea daily, we provide ourselves with almost 15% of the daily intake of folic acid, which is actively involved in metabolic processes and is responsible for the formation of blood cells, more than 20% of calcium (this mineral is vital for the normalization of teeth and the skeletal system). ), 35% DV of vitamin B2 (helps keep skin and hair in shape), and 100% DV of manganese (affects basic bodily functions and activates many enzymes).

Women’s beauty is multifaceted, but there is a special beauty – it is radiated by women who are in harmony with themselves, with people and with the outside world. Paradoxically, but tea can help us find peace of mind.

American psychologists have come to the conclusion that hot tea stimulates positive emotions and promotes the manifestation of emotional warmth.

These conclusions were drawn from a simple experiment: a group of volunteers were given cups of hot and iced tea, given brief dossiers on strangers, and asked to make up their minds about them.

Those who drank hot tea were inclined to see warmth in a stranger. Those who had to drink iced tea perceived strangers as “cold”.

Tea is really capable of setting a person in a benevolent way. This is largely due to the amazing properties of tea aroma. Essential oils that form the aroma of tea are able to influence our perception in a certain way and contribute to the creation of a positive emotional background.

In this regard, teas with additions of fruits, berries, herbs, spices are especially interesting – bright “summer” flavors “tactfully” enhance the natural tea range and create new unexpected combinations.

A very interesting line of tea compositions with natural additives is currently offered by the TESS brand – this tea brand appeared in Russia not so long ago, but has already become popular.

The TESS collections also include traditional black and green teas, but various tea compositions are especially interesting.

For example, TESS Flirting – Chinese green tea with pieces of dried apple and wild strawberry, blackcurrant leaf and lemon zest. Fresh fruit and berry aromas intertwine with subtle hints of green tea and create a very interesting light taste.

TESS Orange – composition of black tea with orange peel, blackcurrant leaf and apple. TESS Lime – green tea with rose hips and citrus fruits. TESS Pleasure – black tea with rose hips, dried apple, cornflower petals.

However, the list can be long, because the TESS tea collection today features 25 varieties – choose!

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