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Autumn is the season of colds, and you need to approach it with strong immunity. To do this, it is necessary to start measures to strengthen it today. Of course, morning exercises, walks in the fresh air and hardening, but nutrition is also important, which will help activate the body’s defenses. Goodshapetips has formed the Top 5 products that have an immunostimulating property.

5 main products

Of course, all healthy and fresh foods in one way or another help in strengthening the immune system, as they are sources of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. However, there are several recognized leaders in this process. These include garlic, ginger, honey, lemon and kefir. These products are available to everyone, they can be added to familiar dishes, cooked with them or eaten separately.


At one time, garlic saved Europe from the plague, and today it is respected by chefs and gourmets for its sharp spicy taste and sharpness. This is a real concentrate of health and strength. It is recognized for its antitumor, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating properties, and phytoncides (volatile odorous substances of garlic) have a bactericidal property.

Garlic cleans the liver restores the body after overload and fights stress.

To strengthen the immune system, it is useful to eat fresh garlic – in the form of wild garlic (garlic shoots) and cloves, but many are confused by its smell. Do not use it at night so that you do not get bad breath in the morning. After eating, thoroughly brush your teeth, then the problem of smell will be solved.

It is useful to add garlic to sauces, meat dishes and salads, to rub toast with it. But if you are categorically against fresh garlic, add it at the very end of cooking or stewing a dish: some of the flavor will disappear, but the benefits will remain.


To stimulate the immune system only ginger root is used. Its healing properties have been known since the times of ancient China: they treated wounds and restored the strength of the warriors. Ginger root contains vitamins and minerals, useful essential oils and special substances that give it a specific taste and aroma.

It contains a lot of vitamin C, retinol and B vitamins. It is similar to garlic in its bactericidal effects, but its aroma is more pleasant. Ginger stimulates appetite and digestion, normalizes the separation of gastric juice and bile, relieves nausea and toxicosis of pregnant women.

To stimulate the immune system, ginger is used in the form of seasonings for various dishes – it is added to soup or porridge, meat dishes, seasoned with chicken. Ginger juice serves as a salad dressing or sauce base. Candies with ginger and hot are known the drinks, alcoholic drinks.

Ginger juice serves as a salad dressing or sauce base. Ginger tea has an excellent effect, it fights infections and stimulates cells to fight viruses. You can add honey or lemon to ginger tea to enhance the effect.


This bright yellow citrus has long been known for its medicinal properties. Its sour taste causes profuse salivation and appetite. However, despite the fact that lemons do not grow in our country, they are no longer considered exotic, being widely used in cooking and nutrition. Salads, first and second courses are made with them, they are stewed, fried, desserts and sweets are made, tea is drunk with lemon and soft and hot drinks are prepared.

Stimulation of immunity is manifested due to the high concentration of vitamin C in lemon, however, it is preserved in fresh fruits and juice, and is destroyed by heat treatment or prolonged contact with air. Therefore, lemon juice must be added to water or soda water and immediately drunk, and tea should be drunk with lemon.

If you eat a slice of lemon a day, it will allow you to get a boost of energy and a dose of vitamin C to support immune protection. Useful for immunity and pass the lemon through a meat grinder or chop in a blender and mix with honey, and eat this mixture twice a day.


This delicacy, produced by bees from flower nectar, has been known for its healing properties since antiquity. It has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, wound healing and anti-stress effects.

Honey There are different varieties, herbs and berries are added to it, which enhances its healing effects several times. Honey with a cold helps to recover faster, and if you make it a rule to eat a spoonful of this sweet every day, you will get sick less.

It is useful to take natural honey in the morning and before going to bed, honey with St. John’s wort, with raspberries and lemon, linden honey is popular. A useful combination for weakened and emaciated people: this is honey with walnuts, cashews and dried fruits – dried apricots, raisins and prunes.


Since ancient times, kefir has been used for nursing weakened and sickly children, people with frequent colds and digestive diseases. Kefir fungus has the ability to improve digestion and support the protection of the intestines from the penetration of microbes into it. Due to calcium and vitamin D, it strengthens bones and helps blood formation, stimulates the synthesis of protective antibodies in the blood and fights viruses.

Drink fresh kefir, which has a short shelf life and live microflora. Ideally, you should generally make daily kefir at home from sourdough and whole milk, and after a day from the moment of fermentation, drink it in a glass at night. In such kefir, the benefits for immunity are maximum.

These are far from all the products that help our immunity to work without failures. But these products are available to everyone and are easy to acquire and take. Which means you can start boosting your immune system today.

What foods to boost immunity do you know?

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