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In our time, a dacha without amenities and far from civilization is the exception rather than the rule. There are, of course, those who like to go completely into the wilderness and live there without gas and electricity, drawing water from a forest spring … But they don’t have the Internet either, so all our advice on antimicrobial and antidiarrheal remedies simply won’t reach them. The rest is easier to jump into the car and drive to a pharmacy in the nearest village than to form and drag a first aid kit from the city for all occasions.

Some generally live in a dacha (that is, in a country house) almost constantly, their dacha first-aid kit is approximately the same as at home – we are not advisers to them either. We will now try to figure out the minimum necessary set for those who spend the summer in the country.

What you definitely do not need to buy in reserve:

  • Cold remedies. Not because they don’t catch a cold in the summer (how they catch a cold!), But because a viral infection is still not defeated by anything but rest and drinking plenty of water, and an antibiotic is selected every time to fight a bacterial one, and you can’t do without a doctor.
  • Antidiarrheals. Except, perhaps, immodium or stopdiar, which will allow you to endure the road to the nearest medical facility, everything else is self-treatment condemned by progressive humanity. When switching to a country “diet” with “eco-products”, you run the risk of confusing temporary functional disorders with a dangerous infection (for example, salmonellosis), so it’s better not to suppress the symptoms before contacting a doctor.
  • Remedies for cystitis and thrush. Actually, if these diseases do not haunt you regularly, then this will not even occur to you. But if moving to the country is usually associated with their exacerbations, then it is better to solve the problem radically: undergo a full examination and find out what kind of infection is dormant in the depths of your body and is activated when the situation changes. Sometimes it is worth spending two vacation weeks for examination and treatment in order to forget about unpleasant symptoms for a long time.

But what you need to buy and carry with you without fail:

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