5 less obvious causes of winter itching

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food allergy

The fact is that in winter we tend to eat semi-finished or canned foods more often. This means that the likelihood of allergies to preservatives and food additives is slightly increased.

cold allergy

This is an extremely rare disease, which is manifested by hyperreactions of the skin to low temperatures. Cold allergy in its manifestations is very similar to urticaria. It makes itself felt on open areas of the skin in the form of red swollen and itchy blisters. It is not difficult to distinguish it from urticaria: a reaction to cold appears a few minutes after contact with it. And it doesn’t matter if you went outside in sub-zero temperatures or just stuck your hand in the freezer.


Cholestasis is the insufficient flow of bile into the duodenum. Features of the “winter diet”, as well as infectious diseases and drugs used to treat them, can provoke this condition.

In our body, the liver is a filter, in case of malfunction of which bile acids and bilirubin enter the bloodstream. With an increase in their level, skin rashes and itching appear, and yellowing of the eye sclera is also noted. The last symptom is an absolute reason not to postpone a visit to a gastroenterologist.

contact irritation

It can appear in winter due to the frequent wearing of spiky woolen things in direct contact with the skin. It usually manifests itself in the form of redness, small rashes and itching.

The only way to combat this itch is to limit contact with scratchy clothing as much as possible. Perhaps give preference to softer and more pleasant woolen things. Another option is to wear cotton turtlenecks or T-shirts under sweaters and sweaters.


Warm up with honey, raspberry jam and mulled wine? And more cocoa with marshmallows! Perhaps your itching is an expressive signal of the body, which wants to see a doctor as soon as possible.

We hope we have scared you enough so that you do not write off your discomfort as “just dry skin” and try to treat it with moisturizers alone. Maybe, of course, you are right. But it’s best to double-check just in case.

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