5 most popular diagnostic procedures in gynecology

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Literally over the past two decades, a lot of equipment has been invented and improved, new diagnostic methods have appeared. All this allowed obstetricians-gynecologists to examine patients at a completely new level. As a result, oncological gynecology, genetic gynecology and endocrinological gynecology began to develop actively as independent areas. And the doctor after a routine examination can recommend you something from this “five”. Some words will seem familiar to you (but everything may turn out to be cooler than even five years ago), and some you may not have heard before. Let’s figure it out.


The most common diagnostic method due to its safety and information content. It allows diagnosing inflammatory diseases and developmental anomalies with high reliability, detecting tumors of the small pelvis, including during screening examinations. Ultrasound allows you to clearly determine the size, location, structure of the pelvic organs, assess the condition of the endometrium and ovaries on different days of the menstrual cycle, identify short-term pregnancy, including ectopic. It is possible to conduct a study both transabdominally through the abdominal cavity and vaginally, that is, directly through the vagina. The method is actively developing, there are expert-level devices on which the smallest detail has become available, in 3D and 4D modes.

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Colposcopy and pipel biopsy

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