5 pool exercises to help you lose weight on vacation

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Some people spend hours in the gym or go on long runs to sculpt their bodies. But there are pleasant ways to achieve harmony, for example, exercising in the water. They are effective for several reasons. First, they act on the stabilizing muscles that provide stability to the body but are not involved in movement. In other conditions, they are difficult to train, but to stay afloat, you have to strain them. And, of course, there is a load on the main muscle groups. Secondly, the density of water is higher than the density of air, so the resistance of the medium leads to more energy consumption. Finally, aqua-gym is the least dangerous of all sports because the buoyancy of the water takes pressure off your spine and joints, allowing you to exercise when overweight or injured. Therefore, exercises in the pool, river or sea are suitable for everyone. Try a simple complex that you can do without an instructor. If you swim in open water, then go no deeper than your shoulders, and in the pool you can find a place where you do not touch the floor. The general requirement for all exercises is to keep your back straight.

Twisting on the press

Sit on an imaginary chair, then bring your legs together and lift them up so that your feet are out of the water. At the same time, tilt the body forward, helping yourself to keep your balance with your hands. Do 15-20 such twists. When returning to the starting position, try to keep a right angle between the legs and the body, do not lie down on the water. If you find it difficult to lift straight legs out of the water, then bend them at the knees and continue to train the press.

Benefit: when performing this exercise, the rectus abdominis is almost isolated in isolation and tension is removed from the back and neck, which cannot be achieved on an incline bench or fitness mat.

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