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It is important for a woman to always look attractive, but beauty is directly related to health. This also applies to smiles. What prevents you from keeping your teeth healthy as long as possible? What care is needed? Goodshapetips article will answer these and other questions.

What can help preserve tooth enamel?

Sugar and sweets are not the only culprits of poor dental health. Foods with high levels of acidity – such as sour hard candies, sodas, and even fruit juices – can weaken tooth enamel.

The result is known: the occurrence of erosion tooth enamel, its subsequent destruction. Experts say that citric acid is the most detrimental to dental health.

Besides, dentists have included in the list of the most dangerous foods too sour (for example, sour apples and grapes), too viscous, viscous and sweet (for example, toffee candies). Even acidic chewable vitamins for children can cause development caries.

American experts in the field of pediatric dentistry claim that all sour candies that have been laboratory tested have a low pH. Their effect on the teeth is like an ice cube left on a heating appliance. Acid just corrodes tooth.

It is important to keep in mind that baby enamel is not perfect, as it is still too soft and can be easily exposed, especially during the first time after teething. It is more susceptible to acid attack.

Is it really necessary to completely abandon products containing acid? Not at all, experts recommend eating foods containing a large amount of acid during meals. The combination with other food will minimize the effect of acids on tooth enamel.

Another way – chewing gum with xylitol after meals. This substance helps to remove harmful bacteria and helps prevent tooth decay. Chewing gums that contain Recaldent (such as Trident) will help restore the process of demineralization of tooth enamel and prevent the development of caries.

You need to know!

Ice, popcorn, piercing tongue or lips – all of these can easily damage your teeth. Unlike skin, teeth cannot regenerate. Experts, having tested some products, came to the conclusion that a seemingly harmless treat like popcorn can be dangerous for enamel.

“Eating popcorn is like eating rocks,” experts say. It is worth being especially careful for those whose teeth not too strong. For example, if you have fillings.

Dentists also consider tongue and lip piercings to be detrimental to teeth. The fact is that the metal from which jewelry is made, reacting with saliva, provokes the appearance of bacteria. In addition, the metal can mechanically damage tooth enamel.

American scientists have proven that the owners of tongue or lip piercing are 40% more likely to suffer from brittle teeth. In addition, piercing contributes to various deformations of the teeth, which can lead to their loss.

To keep your teeth healthy, you need to take care of them more carefully and seek help from specialists in time.

There is another problem. Some people are born with a pathology such as missing teeth. Usually these are wisdom teeth. Another pathology is a violation of the growth of the lateral incisors, which grow in front of the large front teeth. Such pathologies can also be genetically determined.

The most common causes of tooth loss are gum disease and cavities. Many people believe that it is cheaper to remove all the teeth than to pay for their treatment and restoration.

Fluoride is known to be good for teeth. But in children under 8 years of age, an excess of fluoride causes a disease called fluorosis. This can be observed if white spots appear on the enamel of the teeth, which subsequently become darker. Unfortunately, such stains cannot simply be removed.

The thing is that an excess of fluorine makes the substance of the tooth porous. The cause of the problem may be ordinary drinking water, which is now deliberately fluoridated. But the excess of fluoride in water can be detrimental to enamel.

If you are for brushing teeth use fluoride toothpaste, you should be more careful, consult your doctor and use fluoride toothpaste less often.

Of particular danger to children’s teeth is the ingestion of toothpaste. Most cases of fluorosis occur in these children. To avoid this, supervise your children while washing, teach them to use less toothpaste, and explain what happens if they swallow toothpaste.

Orthodontists warn that people who wear braces need to take more care of their dental health. Remains of food, getting into the metal parts of the braces, can provoke the growth of bacteria, thereby causing cavities. The result can be disastrous.

Even if the process of bacterial growth cannot provoke the appearance of caries, it will affect the process of demineralization of the teeth. As a result, light spots first appear on them, and then they darken, and caries develops.

First of all, you need to clean teeth enough time. As well as Rinse your mouth after every meal if possible.

Remember that the tongue is a natural toothbrush. It has been noticed that those who wear braces stop licking the surface of their teeth with their tongue, since touching the metal causes not very pleasant sensations. This, unfortunately, is not good for the teeth.

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