5 unusual causes of sore throat

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If the throat hurts, albeit not much, but for a long time, there is reason to be wary. It could be, for example:

1. Cancer

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People also complain about sore throat, perspiration, dryness, hoarseness, sensation of a foreign body during oncological processes. This pain is not amenable to treatment with gargles and lozenges, but because it is not too severe, people sometimes do not see a doctor for years. If discomfort in the throat is accompanied by a periodic cough with blood, this may be a sign of decay or injury to the tumor.
Sometimes the opposite situation occurs: a person is afraid that he has cancer, because of fear, it seems to him that his throat hurts. In this case, a comprehensive examination by an otorhinolaryngologist is enough: many patients, having learned that everything is in order with the throat, immediately stop feeling pain.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease is one of the most common causes of “coldless” sore throat. Gastric juice enters the esophagus and above, irritating the mucous membrane (this is especially pronounced in the morning). To completely get rid of such pain, treatment by a gastroenterologist is necessary. In the meantime, stop eating two to three hours before bedtime, sleep on a high pillow, start the morning with a glass of warm water and a light breakfast.

3. Allergy

Sometimes a sore throat is a symptom of various allergies, also accompanied by swelling and rash. The mucous membrane of the throat perceives the allergen as a threat and defends itself, and the defense is manifested precisely by irritation. The main treatment in this situation is the use of antihistamines.

4. Syphilis and HIV

Gonorrhea in general quite often “settles” in the throat, but it gets there, as a rule, during oral sex – so the source is clear. With syphilis and HIV infection, everything is not so simple: the virus is transmitted through the blood (for example, there is a risk of becoming infected in cosmetic, nail or tattoo parlors where aseptic and antiseptic requirements are not met) – and can signal itself quite far from the place of introduction. With syphilis, ulcers can form in the throat, and those who are infected think that this is just stomatitis. With HIV infection, the immune system of the whole body suffers, and frequent inflammatory processes in the throat can be a sign of the development of an infection.

5. Foreign body

Foreign bodies, such as a bone from a fish, often lead to discomfort in the throat. Small bones may not be felt immediately after they get stuck, but a focus of inflammation forms around them – and this causes pain. Home procedures are indispensable here: only a specialist can detect the presence of a foreign body and safely remove it.

Even a mild sore throat can be a sign of serious and dangerous diseases. Therefore, if it lasts for a long time, be sure to consult a doctor.

After such articles, some anxious citizens sometimes begin to feel pain even where there is none. Therefore, in order not to be afraid in vain, go through an annual preventive examination, give up bad habits, especially smoking (it is the main cause of respiratory oncology), limit the consumption of irritating foods (spicy, salty, fried, smoked). And – this is a very important advice – do not worry about trifles! Due to stress, the blood supply to the mucous membrane of the throat is disrupted.

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