5 ways to deal with the heat

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Throughout the winter, we complain about the lack of sun and warmth, and when summer finally arrives, we crave coolness again. Goodshapetips talks about unusual ways to cool off on sweltering heat days.

Wrap ice cubes in a handkerchief and apply a cold compress to the places where the pulse is well felt (wrists, under the knees, the inner surface of the elbow).

Leave the compress on for 1 minute, then remove and apply again after a minute. Repeat until you feel cooler.

Cooling of the body occurs by lowering the temperature of the blood.

On summer days, your scalp needs to breathe just like your entire body. Therefore, refuse to use varnishes, gels, hair foams. Don’t weigh down your hair let your hair look natural.

Psychologists have long proven that visualization is a very useful and effective method that helps in various situations.

Imagine that you are floating on a mattress in the middle of a pool of cool water. or sit near a beautiful fountain… Feel the coolness! This method also helps to relax and remain calm in stressful situations.

Eat red pepper! Thanks to the substances that make up its composition, red pepper stimulates the release of sweat, but does not increase body temperature.

When the liquid evaporates from the surface of your body, you become cooler.

Sit comfortably, put your hands on your knees. Stick out your tongue and fold it so that its shape resembles a straw, surrounded on all sides by closed lips.

With this position of the lips and tongue, inhale slowly. Exhale through the nose, while the mouth and tongue return to their usual position.

This breathing technique is practiced in yoga and is called sheetali pranayama. Its main task is to cool the body and internal organs.

Here are some other tips to help you beat the heat:

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