5 yoga asanas for varicose veins

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There are five asanas that you can do even if you don’t practice yoga all the time. Thanks to these exercises, you can get rid of edema and prevent the appearance of spider veins on the thighs and legs.

Supta padangushthasana

Lie on your back, firmly press the sacrum and lower back to the floor. Bend your right leg and slip the strap over the middle of your foot. Straighten your leg, pull your toes towards you, and push your heel up. If stretching allows, grab the big toe of the right foot with your fingers (without lifting your back from the floor and without bending in the lower back – this is very important!). With each exhalation, pull your leg towards your stomach. Stay in this position for at least two minutes, then repeat with the other leg.

Supta padangushthasana – variation

From a supine position, put the belt on both feet, straighten your legs, stretch them up, and press the sacrum and lower back to the floor. Breathe evenly and deeply, at least 3-5 minutes.


From a supine position, throw your legs behind your head. Try to keep a right angle between your feet and shins, with your toes touching the floor. Put your hands under your back in a lock and bring your shoulder blades together as much as possible. Make sure that the weight of the body is on the shoulder blades and shoulders, and not on the neck. Breathe calmly for 3 minutes.


From the Halasana pose, bend your elbows and, leaning on your shoulders, support your lower back. Bring your legs up, stretching your whole body into a string. Make sure that there is no support on the cervical region, body weight on the shoulder blades. Stretch your toes towards your nose and your heels towards the ceiling. This position not only relieves varicose veins, but also has a beneficial effect on the immune system, so you should stay in it as long as possible – from 3 to 15 minutes.

Viparita Karani

From the previous pose, move your hands under the pelvis and lower it onto your hands. Heels are still reaching for the ceiling. The angle between the hips and the body is approximately 120 degrees. Stay in this pose for 3-5 minutes. It not only relieves swelling in the legs, but effectively strengthens the press and has a good effect on the reproductive system.

The headstand is definitely very useful too. But in order to avoid injuries, it is better to master it under the guidance of an instructor.

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