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Which of the stars survived a microstroke

Alena Vodonaeva

One of the last known “victims” of a microstroke. The 38-year-old celebrity suddenly became ill – her speech became incoherent and severe dizziness and headache appeared. Alena’s mother, frightened, called her daughter an ambulance, which took her to the hospital in serious condition.

Anna Buzova

A year earlier, in November 2020, Olga Buzova’s sister also announced that she had suffered a microstroke. The disease manifested itself in her in a way similar to Alena: speech was disturbed, numbness appeared in the right half of the body. Anna claims that severe stress became the cause of the microstroke. After being discharged from the hospital, the girl underwent a long rehabilitation and is now feeling well.

Tatyana Bulanova

The singer reported about several minor strokes on her legs in an interview. The artist was alerted only by numbness in the limbs, which appeared during one of the attacks. Doctors established the diagnosis only by the results of MRI.

Emilia Clarke

“Mother of Dragons” collapsed with a minor stroke during a break between filming in the cult TV series “Game of Thrones”. At that time she was only 24 years old. Due to illness, the actress subsequently underwent two complex brain surgeries, each of which could have ended in death. For a long time, Emilia did not tell anyone about her diagnosis, so as not to lose her role in the show and not look vulnerable to fans.

Sharon Stone

The star of “Basic Instinct” and “Casino” experienced a microstroke back in 2001, which she repeatedly talked about in many interviews. Then the star was a little over 40. And the disease completely turned Stone’s life upside down. Only recently, the actress admitted that it took her many years to fully recover from the disease, and it almost cost her her career.

What is the difference between a microstroke and a stroke?

A microstroke or transient ischemic attack is a cerebrovascular accident in which nerve cells die. If the cause of a “real” stroke is a thrombus that disrupts blood flow in the vessels of the brain, then a microstroke occurs due to vasospasm, a sharp increase or decrease in blood pressure, and heart rhythm disturbances. As a rule, a transient ischemic attack lasts from several minutes to a day, after which the body recovers on its own without surgical intervention. Even though the damage is less than with a major stroke, the temporary “oxygen blockage” can lead to serious consequences, especially if it happens repeatedly.

Who is at risk

It is a mistake to assume that only the elderly are at risk. Transient ischemic attack is increasingly observed in young patients. The main causes of vascular pathologies are careless attitude to one’s health, unhealthy diet, bad habits and stress. Serious diseases can also become the cause of a microstroke: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart rhythm disturbance, obesity, high cholesterol.

The first signs of a microstroke

  • Increasing headache;

  • Dizziness;

  • Nausea;

  • Fainting;

  • Flashing flashes before the eyes, blurred vision;

  • Violation of coordination of movements;

  • Speech disorder;

  • Numbness of the face and limbs;

  • Sudden lapses in memory.

At the slightest suspicion of a microstroke, it is urgent to seek medical help. Even if the symptoms have receded and the general state of health has improved, it is worth waiting for the doctor: the attack may recur in a few minutes and in a more serious form. Often, transient disorders of cerebral circulation are the first manifestations of a more serious vascular pathology, therefore, even with minor signs, it is better to conduct a thorough examination by a specialist.

In order to prevent the development of vascular pathologies and recover from a microstroke, it is necessary to undergo regular diagnostics from a cardiologist, monitor cholesterol levels, give up alcohol and tobacco, restore sleep patterns, give the body more physical activity and not self-medicate.

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