6 funny misconceptions about hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the rectum, leading to inflammation of the venous wall and prolapse of hemorrhoids. And literally each of the words in this definition has its own myth built on it. Or not a myth?

1 Hemorrhoids Develop From Sitting

The logic of this statement is obvious: what are we sitting on? Where does it hurt with hemorrhoids? The answers coincided, which means we derive a causal relationship. A sedentary lifestyle is not the most beneficial habit for health, because it reduces the tone of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, which leads to constipation. But science has not revealed a direct connection between sitting and hemorrhoids. Citizens leading an active lifestyle often get an appointment with a proctologist. And, on the contrary, never in a long life can a proctologist be visited by a person who spends days and nights in a chair at the monitor.

2. If you have varicose veins, then you have hemorrhoids.

By definition, as we can see, hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the rectum. But with varicose disease of the legs, he does not necessarily have to be combined. Yes, there are cases when a person suffers from both varicose veins and hemorrhoids. And it also happens that a person suffers from hemorrhoids and sinusitis at the same time – and this is not connected at all. It just happened.

3. Ointment for hemorrhoids is good for bruising under the eyes

This idea is suggested by the phrase “inflammation of the venous wall.” The resourcefulness of women in the fight against the shortcomings of appearance knows no bounds! From hemorrhoids, anti-inflammatory ointments are often prescribed, which are unlikely to have a beneficial effect on bags under the eyes. But venotonic ointments can make bruises not so noticeable. But do I need to tell you that the skin under the eyes requires special care – it is better to choose specialized products.

4. All women who have given birth have hemorrhoids.

It is widely believed that pregnancy and childbirth can lead to hemorrhoids. Indeed, sometimes it becomes a provoking factor, but not its only cause. Many mothers (including those with many children) have never experienced this disease. But, let’s be honest, the connection is still traceable.

5. Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids is pointless

This idea was promoted through advertisements for surgical clinics, and many were under the impression that surgery was the only way out of an “acute” situation. In fact, it all depends on the degree of development of the disease, comorbidities, characteristics of the body, lifestyle. Doctors-proctologists do not prescribe operations for everyone. In many cases, conservative treatment is successful.

6. Hemorrhoids lead to cancer

Due to some similarity of symptoms and cancerophobia common in society, a myth has arisen that hemorrhoids can degenerate into cancer. It is not true! But it is important to know that the symptoms of hemorrhoids and some tumors can be similar, so consulting a doctor for any warning signs (constipation, bleeding during bowel movements) is very important.

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