6 reasons why traveling with babies can be dangerous

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Today’s youth actively travels the world. When young people become parents, they continue to explore the world, but with the whole family. At the end of the so-called holiday season, we hear stories from patients in the series “how I spent my summer.” Stories don’t always have happy endings. Infrequently, parents, before undertaking a long or not very far journey with a baby, ask a doctor for advice. And we could warn against undesirable consequences of such trips.

So what should you remember before you travel with a baby? When we talk about toddlers, we mean young children. It used to be that you can go on vacation with children from the age of three, and preferably from five. But the world does not stand still, and in our age of speed, the age limits for traveling have long been greatly reduced.

Vibrant travel photos with almost newborn babies can be seen on social media these days. The big question is whether this is good for children.

1. Abundance of contacts

One of the main “minuses” is the abundance of contacts with complete strangers. Parents are forced to immerse the body with an immature immune system into a high-risk zone.

Even if the mother breastfeeds the baby for several hours of the flight, sharing her immunity, even if the child has received all the necessary preventive vaccinations, there is always a threat of encountering viruses or bacteria in a closed confined space (especially if these viruses or bacteria are “exotic”) , against which immunity “will not work”.

I remember more than one case when people come to an appointment directly from the airport, for example, with the flu or chicken pox, not to mention the banal SARS.

2. Intracranial pressure during takeoff

It is also worth considering the stress that the body experiences during takeoff and landing of an aircraft. Self-respecting air carriers will ask a pregnant woman for a certificate from a doctor about allowing her to fly. But they won’t ask for a certificate with permission for the baby, but in vain. Even minimal intracranial hypertension in a child with increased atmospheric stress can cause severe severe headaches. Is that why you can often hear children’s sobs in flight?

3. No time to adapt

Also, from the point of view of the pediatrician, the so-called long-distance “weekend trips” are unacceptable. Parents often forget about the adjustment period when changing environments, especially if the time zone is changing! If the trip is short-term – 5-7 days – then the body, not having time to adapt to new conditions, is already forced to “take off” again.

There is no benefit in such a journey, even if it is a very environmentally friendly place.

4. Attack of the nervous system

Separately, I would like to say about the abundance of sound, visual and emotional impressions. We must not forget that children are the same us, only smaller and more vulnerable. Everything that impresses us – pleases and upsets, scares and amuses (and there is plenty of this on trips) – for kids can be in a hypertrophied degree. This can lead to a nervous breakdown, and in the future to chronic nervous disorders.

Of course, positive emotions on trips are wonderful. But some parents continue to go to very noisy, crowded, so-called “party” places, where music plays loudly, where vanity and chaos reign. This is dangerous for a fragile nervous system.

5. Car seat damage

Also, do not forget that a long stay in carriers and even specialized chairs is not good for the developing musculoskeletal system of young children, especially those under the age of 1 year. These funds are intended for short-term transportation and carrying, and not for long-term “residence” in a semi-sitting position. Two, maximum three hours, while the baby is sleeping, you can allow this position, and then you need to pick it up and allow the blood flow to recover.

6. Tablet on the go

It is unacceptable to watch cartoons or videos while driving in transport, this can further adversely affect visual acuity, and can also lead to strabismus.

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