6 warning signs that you urgently need the help of a psychologist

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Mental health is very important for the normal life and mental well-being of any person. These criteria remain a big question in the frantic pace of modern life. Often a person feels serious pressure, he is literally haunted by stressful situations that can provoke the appearance of various disorders. But many do not dare to seek help from a psychologist.

5 most common fears that prevent a person from going to a specialist

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  1. Some people feel that they have to deal with difficulties on their own. It is commendable. However, sometimes it is still better to trust the experts (in which cases this is necessary, we will definitely tell you).

  2. Someone is worried that sooner or later the information that fell into the hands of a doctor will be made public, and others will find out about personal experiences, who will begin to condemn your decision to therapy.

  3. Others consider turning to a psychologist an admission of their own insanity. It is worth noting that this is a big misconception, and communication with a specialist helps to understand and make friends with your own “cockroaches” in your head.

  4. Someone is stopped by the high cost of such events, since one session is probably not enough. Meanwhile, there is also free psychological assistance, for example, Muscovites can get it by leaving a request on the mos.ru portal.

  5. Another reason is considered to be ignorance of how to behave at the reception and what to talk about in order to receive quality assistance. A person cannot also formulate and determine what exactly worries him.

6 alarming “bells” that it’s time for you to turn to a psychologist

Usually, day-to-day difficulties, such as being fired from a job or a fight with a loved one, can be dealt with on your own, for example, by talking about pressing issues with family or friends. But in some cases, the help of a specialist is required. To understand when it is time to worry about your well-being, certain signs will help.

Sleep problems

Often, any disease at the initial stage is determined by sleep disturbance. It can be insomnia or, conversely, increased drowsiness, so you should pay attention to whether your usual regimen has changed.

Fatigue and apathy

With psychological disorders, there is a constant feeling of fatigue and unwillingness to do anything. A person ceases to be pleased with what he previously loved very much, moreover, the occupation that once captivated him may even seem pointless. He may even give up previously adored foods.


As with sleep, there are two extremes when it comes to eating behavior. In this case, it is a complete refusal to eat or, on the contrary, systematic overeating. Urgent specialist help is needed when you notice rapid weight loss or gain.

Uncontrollable mood swings

Unreasonable mood swings also become an alarming signal; first of all, a bad mood for no known reason should alert. This condition exacerbates the feeling of hopelessness, the feeling of marking time in one place. These are the main harbingers of a depressive state, which, if left untreated, can ruin a person’s life.

Feeling that no one understands you and you are alone

A difficult emotional state is also aggravated by loved ones, because there is a feeling that they do not understand and do not hear you. Hence the scandals with a partner, parents, sometimes even with children. In some cases, work colleagues are also affected.

Unmotivated aggression

If you react inadequately to ordinary situations, rage with or without reason, are no longer able to control your anger and constantly break down on others, you should also consult a doctor.

In addition, the following manifestations are also considered alarming symptoms of an unstable emotional state: disorientation, absent-mindedness, anxiety, isolation, negative thoughts, despondency, tearfulness, panic and fear, alcohol abuse, lethargy, and so on.

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