7 major mistakes of hypertension, which are better not to make

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It happens that we live with some kind of disease, not feeling its symptoms. Then at least it is clear why we do not take effective actions to save ourselves from a sad outcome. But it happens that even knowing about the diagnosis, we behave … Strange. Here are seven common mistakes people with high blood pressure make.

Mistake #1. They take pills only when they feel bad

With normalization of pressure and improvement of well-being, it seems that you can stop taking medication. You pause – and indeed, for several days, and sometimes weeks, everything is consistently good. Why “poison” yourself? But I must warn you: the most common cause of complicated hypertensive crises is an independent refusal from antihypertensive drugs. This mistake at times increases the risk of cerebral stroke and retinal hemorrhage.

Mistake #2. They think the doctor made a mistake

This possibility cannot be completely ruled out. But more often, the fact is that at the first stage of treatment, with the normalization of blood pressure, the state of health worsens – and this is normal. The fact is that while you were going to go to the doctor and find out your diagnosis (sometimes people gain determination for months), the body has adapted to a consistently high level of blood pressure. And when it drops to the norm, weakness, dizziness, drowsiness occur. At this stage, many stop taking drugs – and an imaginary improvement in well-being occurs. The belief that high blood pressure is your “norm” and that you don’t have to deal with it disappears as soon as complications associated with target organ damage appear. This is the case when it is difficult to get used to the good. Unpleasant symptoms associated with the start of therapy usually disappear after five to seven days. You can discuss with your doctor the possibility of gradual adaptation, taking half doses of drugs, often in this case taking citramone, tea and coffee of moderate strength for several days helps. Motivation and focus on results are very important here.

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