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Surely you happened after a hard day’s work and chores around the house to feel like a real “squeezed lemon”. Worst of all, if you constantly feel tired and exhausted … This Goodshapetips article is for those who know firsthand what chronic fatigue syndrome is, as well as for those who want to prevent the occurrence of this far from comic phenomenon.

A modern woman manages to do everything: cook food, clean the house, take and pick up a child from kindergarten, buy groceries, be a professional and move up the career ladder…

And how do you want to just play with a child, read books to him, without fidgeting from the thought that there is a suspicious smell of burning from the kitchen ?!

How nice, when meeting a loved one, not to hastily kiss him in the ear, thinking about tomorrow’s report, but to spend the evening together in peace and quiet…

A modern woman needs to do everything, and at the same time maintain a flying gait, a cheerful mood and a whole bunch of fantasies and passion for her beloved by the end of the day!

What to do if something seems to be broken inside? For some reason, there is no strength for ordinary things, hands drop, interest in everything in the world disappears.

I just want to sit all day mindlessly clicking on links on the Internet or buttons on the TV remote control, or even better – just sleep …

Maybe it’s old age? In a way, yes! After all, old age is fatigue from oneself, and it can appear at any age.

But this “old age” can be driven away for a long time. Who knows? Maybe forever!

Daily routine to combat fatigue

Symptoms and Causes

The symptoms are familiar to many: fatigue, forgetfulness, nervousness, fatigue and drowsiness in the early morning, and in the evening the state of the autopilot and night sleeplessness.

Here, out of nowhere, thrush, herpes, drops in blood pressure, frequent colds and other “charms”!

  • insufficient or restless sleep,
  • accumulated stress,
  • overwork,

  • banal beriberi and malnutrition,

  • taking certain medications (for example, antiallergic),
  • almost any disease that occurs both acutely (even the common cold) and in a latent form.

One single reason can go unnoticed for a long time, but several reasons combined can make life a heavy burden.

endocrine diseases (diseases of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands);

diseases of the cardiovascular system and blood (atherosclerosis, hypertension and hypotension, anemia);

infectious diseases (tuberculosis, chlamydia, chronic viral infections, etc.), helminthic infestations;

tumor diseases of the brain;

diseases of the nervous system and various functional disorders (vegetative-vascular dystonia, neurosis, depression);


Disease or functional disorder?

Fortunately, more often it is not a formidable disease, but a functional disorder.

Imagine that your computer’s operating system has crashed. All the details are in place, the electronics work properly, but the problem is in the software. It is worth reinstalling the program – and everything is in order!

This is usually the case in the body. Almost all of the above causes ultimately lead to impaired blood supply to the brain and peripheral nervous system.

Brain cells begin to suffocate, and you diligently yawn, sigh wistfully, and all interests, ambitions and needs are compressed into one – to sleep.

As soon as you “breathe” properly, make the blood run through the vessels (for example, after warming up or taking a cool shower), your head clears up, cheerfulness appears.

But sometimes this is not enough. As a result of a disturbed metabolism, the cells of our body, although they do not suffer from poor blood circulation, are still starving.

They lack nutrients, energy, vitamins and microelements for normal operation.

Moreover: in the conditions of “austerity” the body includes reserve mechanisms that do not work perfectly.

As a result of biochemical processes, cell waste products, toxins, defective fragments of molecules, lipid peroxidation products, and inhibitory neurotransmitters begin to accumulate, which slow down the speed of the nerve impulse to the brain and back.

Here you have memory impairment, decreased perception, lethargy, slowness.

As a result of these disorders, immunity also suffers: all chronic ailments appear, colds often occur, etc.

The right diet for an active lady


No matter how trite it may seem, but it is necessary to treat, of course, the cause of this condition. And for this you need to see a doctor, undergo an examination and find out this very reason for sure.

Modern medicine has accumulated a large arsenal for the treatment of chronic fatigue.

In addition, you need to get rid of stress, reduce the daily load, provide yourself with adequate rest and good sleep, etc.

All this is understandable and indisputable, but … Our way of life is largely dictated by necessity, and sometimes it is simply impossible to change it radically.

It is also necessary to carve out time and money for the examination, make an appointment and wait for your turn.

Therefore, while you are planning your visit to a specialist, try to change something on your own. Perhaps your case is not so severe, and medication and hardware treatment is not required.

No matter how busy your schedule is, strictly determine the time of rise, lights out, meals.

Even if you don’t have enough time for sleep in your schedule, a stable routine will allow the body to more easily adapt to stress and sleep deprivation.

This is the best thing you can give your body before breakfast! Water procedures normalize the work of the cardiovascular system, speed up the metabolism.

If you work from home, then nothing is more invigorating than a shower during the day. Sleep and fatigue will take away like a hand.

The same applies to evening exercise. When there is no strength at all, and your beloved accompanies you with a predatory look, take a cool shower, it is useful to douse your feet with ice water in general.

And, perhaps, you don’t have to turn your back to the wall and justify yourself with troubles at work or migraines.

Do not rush to put a cross on this item. Even A 5-10 minute warm-up at the beginning of the day will give you strength if it is regular.

It may be difficult once, but with the help of charging you improve blood circulation, vascular tone, finally wake up and recharge with positive emotions.

After all, every time you overcome yourself! And this cannot but rejoice!

Pay special attention to the cervical spine. Cervical osteochondrosis leads to constant compression of the main vessels that feed the brain.

To prevent it, turn your head to the right and left; stretching your neck up, lift your head with all your might, and then pull it into your shoulders; Reach your chin to your chest, and then gently tilt your head back.

There is no time – just stretch as you should, take a deep breath, hang it on the horizontal bar, make a couple of slopes.

Smoking, alcohol and here you can not ignore. Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages are known to cause spasm of blood vessels, including the brain, and contribute to the development of atherosclerosis.

Therefore, all these far from useful “excesses” should be categorically abandoned.

try don’t overeat. After overeating, it always pulls you to sleep – this is a physiological need. Everyone knows that you need to get up from the table a little hungry.

When the “harvest festival” ends and fresh fruits and vegetables disappear on the shelves, enrich your diet artificially: take dietary supplements, multivitamins, mineral supplements.

Useful for combating fatigue preparations containing zinc, selenium, iron, magnesium, B vitamins, ascorbic acid, vitamins A and E.

Women are prone to monthly blood loss during menstruation, which often results in anemia.

Sometimes the only manifestation of anemia is constant fatigue.

For the prevention of anemia, it is useful to eat porcini mushrooms, liver and kidneys, peaches, apricots, parsley, potatoes, eggs, rye bread, buckwheat – foods rich in iron.

Try to alternate the consumption of meat with seafood rich in iodine, selenium, magnesium and zinc.

The source of many minerals are dairy products.

Do not abuse diets, especially during and immediately after illness and monthly. During these periods, the body requires an increased amount of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements for active work.

Obesity brings a lot of inconvenience, trouble and complexes. But besides this, it also affects the development of chronic fatigue.

Overweight people are more likely to develop endocrine and cardiovascular diseases, as a result of which they are less resistant to stress and get tired faster.

Obesity leads to the development of night snoring syndrome or sleep apnea syndrome (from the Greek. “lack of breath”) in a dream.

In this condition, during sleep, a person experiences episodes of respiratory arrest, and the brain suffers from hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

The result is poor sleep, morning fatigue, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, etc.

Strength and vigor can add use in the form of infusions, decoctions and syrups of some plants: hop cones, hawthorn fruits, St.e and others.

These funds increase resistance to stress, disease (stimulate the immune system), activate the nervous system, so they are best taken in the morning.

Useful at night teas from various soothing collections containing valerian, mint, oregano, motherwort etc. Since they will help normalize night sleep, get rid of anxiety and anxiety.

In harmony with the clock and yourself

Fatigue and fatigue are often associated with an emotional state. And if depression is difficult manage without medical help then you can just fight with a bad mood.

Try to plan your day in advance come up with a “minimum program” and a “maximum program”. Don’t plan for things you can’t do.

It is important that by the end of the day you are satisfied with its result. Every day in the hustle and bustle of everyday life find time for something pleasant – what works best for you.

After all, even one small, but completed task from your program can cover all the troubles and difficulties of the past day.

Encourage and motivate your work, if you don’t feel the full benefit of it.

For example, think that if you manage to do everything today, tomorrow you can sit with your friends in a cafe or have a great weekend with your family outside the city.

In autumn and winter, there is so little light and heat! Find bright things in your wardrobe, make yourself a playful hairstyle and admire yourself all day long, thinking about how pretty you are today. You will see, the result will not be long in coming!

Natalya Dolgopolova,
general practitioner

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