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For too long, the topic was considered indecent, it was simply hushed up. But just as pink ribbons once brought breast cancer into the spotlight, the WHO is now urging everyone not to ignore IBD. The official campaign symbol is purple. Tonight, 140 significant architectural structures and monuments around the world will appear in purple lighting: the Copenhagen Little Mermaid, the Roman Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, the Cybele Fountain in Madrid, the Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg and many others.

IBD – Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis – diseases of the young: the average age of patients is 20-40 years. Unfortunately, too many (almost all!) are diagnosed when they cannot be confused with anything and can not do without surgery.

Not only patients, but also doctors often do not take these symptoms seriously.

  1. Chronic diarrhea (sometimes with blood or mucus)
  2. Pain in the abdomen, possibly cramping (removed with no-shpa)
  3. Feeling of incomplete bowel movement
  4. anal fissures
  5. General weakness and malaise
  6. Loss of appetite and body weight (many are even pleased at first)
  7. Anemia

Periods of exacerbation are replaced by remissions – and it may seem to you that recovery has come. And by the time of the correct diagnosis, the disease becomes severe. The complications of IBD include bleeding, intestinal obstruction, the development of oncological processes, and peritonitis.

The goal of therapy for IBD is to prevent the disease from becoming severe. In most cases, surgery is required, as a complete cure with medical therapy is not yet achievable. 35% of patients admit that they cannot have sex, 40% that they cannot work and build a career the way they used to. Since all these difficulties occur at a young age, patients with IBD often become depressed.

The goal of World IBD Day is not only to express sympathy and solidarity to them, but also to call on representatives of the state, business and organizations to join forces to provide everyone with timely diagnosis and adequate treatment.

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