7 tricks to overcome sugar addiction

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If you think you don’t have a sweet tooth, it doesn’t mean anything. Recently, US doctors have been persistently comparing sweet tooth with drug addicts, because they have received experimental confirmation that the same brain areas are activated from sugar and heroin. As in the case of heroin, increasing doses of the substance are required to achieve the desired level of satisfaction.

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Ideally, sweets should not exceed 10% of your daily calorie intake. That is, if you eat 2000 kcal per day, then only 200 of them can be “sugar”. If you put two spoons of sugar in tea, then you can have five cups of tea a day. Or tea without sugar and one cake. Or tea without sugar and without cakes, but two white bread sandwiches…

Even if it seems to you that you do without sugar at all, you are deeply mistaken. You almost certainly get your 10%. And most city dwellers make up to a third of their daily energy needs from sugars. There is a suspicion that large food manufacturers are “hooking” us on this drug quite purposefully. For a separate price, they offer you (under the guise of “healthy food”) sweets and waffles with sweeteners, but they add refined sugar to ketchups, mayonnaises and breading for cutlets. Not to mention bakery products. When this sugar enters the bloodstream, it almost instantly turns into glucose. Then it goes straight to the pleasure centers of the brain and gives a feeling of joy for a while … And then you suddenly crave sweets. Although, it would seem, nothing!

Here are seven tricky tricks that will allow you to keep the defense against sugar monsters.

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