7 Unexpected Causes of Lower Back Pain

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Passion brought together a council of doctors to discuss this complex topic. And now we can offer you at least seven more convincing hypotheses.

“In more than 50% of cases, pain is caused by problems with the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine,” says neurologist of the MEDSI Clinic in Khoroshevsky proezd, Dmitry Dymnich. – Such pains are usually moderately expressed, are aching or pulling in nature, aggravated by movements that create a load on the sore muscle. The predisposing moments for the appearance of such pains are hypothermia, unusual physical activity, sedentary work, impaired posture, scoliosis.

But quite often the pain occurs in connection with various lesions of the internal organs located at the level of the sacrum and lower back. What can hurt there?


Diseases of the urinary system (cystitis, pyelonephritis, and especially urolithiasis) are most often manifested by pain in the lower back. Moreover, the pain can be so acute that you rush to call an ambulance even without our recommendations.

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