8 Signs You’re Predisposed to Diabetes

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Have you ever tried to assess the possible risk of developing diabetes? There are 8 signs that indicate the likelihood of developing this disease.

1. You don’t move much and you’re overweight.

Of the people who have type 2 diabetes, over 85% are overweight. Fat in the abdomen (central obesity) is often associated with a person’s predisposition to diabetes. The higher the body weight, the higher the insulin resistance, which, in turn, causes an increase in blood sugar.

If your lifestyle is sedentary, your risk of developing diabetes doubles. And vice versa: twice the active lifestyle can reduce the likelihood of diabetes. Physical activity not only reduces insulin resistance, but also helps to lose weight.

2. You eat junk food

An addiction to sweet and fatty foods significantly increases the likelihood onset of diabetes. If you often drink soda, eat fried foods, abuse sauces and often indulge yourself with sweets, the risk of gaining excess weight increases, which leads to diabetes.

In addition, an unhealthy diet causes an increase in blood pressure, cholesterol levels in the blood, which can lead to cardiovascular disease. Try to eat smaller portions and replace your favorite dishes with their dietary counterparts.

3. Your relatives have been diagnosed with diabetes.

If one of your closest relatives – mother or father, brother or sister, etc. – diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, then your chances of getting this disease increase significantly.

Yes, this disease is hereditary, and you cannot change your genes, but you can reduce the risk level. If the disease threatens your family members, work together to prevent it – eat right and play sports with the whole family.

4. You have “women’s problems”

Some women are at high risk of “getting” diabetes. These include:

  • women with polycystic ovary syndrome (a hormonal imbalance that leads to a failure of the menstrual cycle);
  • mothers who gave birth to children weighing over 4 kg;
  • women who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (they are 7 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes later).

As with other predispositions, you can reduce your risk through physical activity and diet. If you have already been diagnosed with prediabetes, you should definitely lower your blood sugar levels.

5. You have been taking medication for a long time

A number of drugs have a diabetogenic effect. These are synthetic glucocorticoid hormones, diuretics, especially thiazide diuretics, anticancer drugs, antihypertensive drugs.

There is no need to self-medicate, and in the treatment of chronic complex diseases, it is necessary to consult with an endocrinologist or your doctor about the possible occurrence of diabetes mellitus.

6. You often experience stress

Stressful chronic situations are the most important cause of diabetes. We often experience stress both at home and at work, and the nervous system signals this to our body. The result is diabetes.

7. You abuse alcohol

Alcohol abuse, as well as toxic and narcotic substances that adversely affect the functioning of the pancreas, contribute to the development of diabetes.

8. Are you over 40?

Most often, diabetes is diagnosed in people over 40. Therefore, after reaching this age, it is recommended to regularly check for diabetes.


We hope you draw the right conclusions for yourself. And remember: in many cases, diabetes can be prevented!

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