8 yoga poses for those who hate fitness

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In yoga, unlike fitness training, deep muscles are involved, and sometimes even those that we don’t use anywhere else in life and didn’t even know about their existence. Here are some simple asanas that will get you slim faster than fitness.

standing poses

Varikshasana tree pose

Stand on the mat, feet together, big toes connected. Stretch your crown up, feel how your body is stretched like a string. Shift your body weight to your right leg, and place your left foot near the groin, resting it on the right thigh. Create resistance: push with the foot on the thigh, and with the thigh on the foot. Stretch your crown up, growing like a tree. Bring your hands together in front of your chest for better balance, or reach over your head to make the position a little more difficult. Hold the asana for 30-40 seconds and then repeat on the other leg.

Varikshasana strengthens the lower legs and thighs, improves the mobility of the hip joints, and develops the back muscles.

Virabhadrasana, warrior pose

Stand straight on the mat, step back with your right foot 1 m. Bend the knee of your left leg to an angle of 90 degrees, and straighten your right leg, trying to reach the floor with your heel. Lower your pelvis lower while pushing your feet off the mat. Make sure that the iliac bones are directed clearly forward. Stretch your arms up above your head, parallel to each other, palm to palm. With each breath, stretch more up, while lowering your shoulders down. Hold the asana for 30-50 seconds and then repeat on the other leg.

The warrior pose strengthens the hips and buttocks, reduces the waist and develops the shoulder girdle.

Ardha Chandrasana, pose of the month

From a standing position, bend over, transferring your body weight to your right leg and lifting your left. Lean on the floor with your right hand (hand in front of the foot). If stretching is not enough, put your hand on a yoga brick or a stack of books. Stretch your left hand to the sky, look at your left hand. Catch the balance and hold the position for 30-40 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Ardha Chandrasana helps to get rid of excess fat at the waist, makes the back and legs strong.

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