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Even royals have problems

The causes of a weakened chin, behind which a second one looks out, are usually overweight and weakened facial muscles. With the first, everything is clear: you need to get rid of extra pounds. In the second case, if we are talking about women over 45 years old, losing weight will not help, since the neck muscle – platysma – has weakened and sagged, perhaps strands have appeared (two grooves on the sides).

By the way, platysma can play another joke with you. If the masticatory muscles are overstrained, this will not be reflected in the best way on platysma – the corners of the lips will treacherously fall, the contour of the face will be pulled down. Kate Middleton immediately comes to mind in a number of photographs: face experts often scold the duchess and mother of three children for their overly tense face and tightly compressed lips – this causes the above-described consequences. But Prince William’s wife does not have a hint of a second chin – this is a fact.

facebook to help

So, if there are no serious fat deposits on the face and we are talking about weakened facial muscles, then there is a chance to correct the situation with the help of Facebook building. Exercise should be done every day – they should become a habit.

Kiss the sky

Tilt your head back and try to kiss the ceiling. The muscles of the neck tense up at the same time – you yourself will feel it. A variation of the same exercise: tilt your head back and, tightening your lips, say “O” to yourself. Repeat at least 15 times.

Show language

Sticking out your tongue, try to reach it to the tip of your nose. Of course, it will not work, but the necessary effect – neck muscle tension – is provided. The same exercise, by the way, is used by actors, kneading the speech apparatus.

But about patting, which is so often written about in women’s magazines, you should forget – they are ineffective. More use will be from hand trainers, forcing platysma to strain. Or from fabric bandages, which are sold as popular disposable masks. Such a lifting mask is glued to the chin and fastened behind the ears. Users note a good effect, however, they complain that their ears get tired – and you can’t stand it for more than two hours.

What can a beautician offer?

All of the above is light artillery in the fight against the second chin. At a certain age (if there is excess weight and there was no habit to strengthen turgor), one cannot do without the services of a cosmetologist, or even a plastic surgeon.

The cosmetologist will offer you injections with lipolytics that can break down fat deposits in the desired area. The procedure is quite painful and requires several injections. It will cost 20-30 thousand rubles. Or myostimulation is a procedure that affects the muscles due to electrical impulses, thereby improving blood flow and accelerating metabolic processes. If the second chin is visible to the naked eye and there is no need to talk about strong facial muscles, it may be worth seeking advice from a plastic surgeon.

Two types of liposuction

“If we talk about the surgical solution of the problem, then this is solved by liposuction. Two main types: ultrasonic and mechanical. With a mechanical one, adipose tissue is getting rid of, but with possible irregularities, a tunnel can form in the adipose tissue on the chin. If we talk about ultrasound, there is a breakdown of adipose tissue, the fat turns into an emulsion – this guarantees that there will definitely be no irregularities after the operation.

To maintain the effect of a stretched chin, we reinforce the area of ​​the cheeks and chin with special threads (about 30 centimeters long) with notches, creating a clear angle. That is, we tighten the skin that has been degreased – this procedure is called lightneck, that is, a light neck. The lower third of the face becomes younger, clearer and more beautiful.

Liposuction will cost around a hundred thousand rubles. From which we conclude that injections of lipolytics will be cheaper – the main thing is not to miss the moment when they can help. And if you follow the weight and strengthen the muscles of the neck in time with the help of exercises at home, then you won’t have to spend money at all. In any case, you can definitely postpone the appeal to specialists.

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