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In private clinics give birth under insurance

In France, everyone gives birth under compulsory health insurance – everyone has it and covers almost all expenses. There is also additional insurance from the employer. I gave birth to my eldest son Adrian in an ordinary maternity hospital in Paris under insurance – nothing was required to pay. Only after a while, a report on the cost of childbirth comes to the mail – for information.

She gave birth to her daughter Eva already in Biarritz in a private clinic – compulsory insurance covered almost everything except the cost of the ward. That, in turn, cost 70-100 euros per day. Paid childbirth is not very popular here, not like in Moscow for sure. Even in private clinics, you can give birth with insurance. There are a few expensive hospitals where you give birth for a fee. I even asked for a price in one of them (where, in particular, Carla Bruni gave birth) – about 5 thousand euros came out on top of insurance, such prices were nine years ago.

By the way, here the story of giving birth with a specific doctor does not work at all. Usually the midwives manage the pregnancy, you can meet with the doctor once every nine months. He is present at the birth, or rather, checks whether everything is going according to plan. If so, then the births are taken by midwives – you will see the doctor in a glimpse.

A priori giving birth with an epidural

Pregnancy is not treated here as a disease, they do not rush about with a woman like with a hand-written sack and do not frighten them with anything! I felt very comfortable in this regard. When I took a pregnancy test and immediately called my gynecologist to report suspicions, she answered me: “Olyalya, come to me in six weeks!” Like, before it makes no sense. In France, pregnancy is not kept if there is a threat of miscarriage up to three months. Only if a woman has three miscarriages will they consider it a pathology and begin to find out the cause. In other cases, it is considered a natural process. By the way, I don’t remember a case when one of my acquaintances for 14 years of life in France lay on conservation. Are there any threats, expectant mothers are sent to lie down at home, on sick leave.

I repeat, the pregnancy is carried out in light mode: they don’t go for tests very often. At first, you only donate blood for a number of indicators. During pregnancy, they are also sent for two or three mandatory screenings. There are doctors who look at the chair, and there are those who do not. Doctors, I repeat, do not scare and do not heal.

What I do not like? All over the world, childbirth is now a “medicalized” process. A priori, it is believed that you give birth with an epidural, if anything, you will be stimulated and, if necessary, oxytocin will be added. My first son was a little “squeezed out”, let’s say, they helped him to be born. I have no complaints about this, but ideally I would like to avoid this moment.

I gave birth to two children with anesthesia. In the first case, I was stimulated, because there was not enough amniotic fluid – stimulation and anesthesia were needed, because the contractions in this case are very strong. The second time, intervention was also needed, after which the contractions were in full swing, and the birth still did not begin – I gave birth for two days, I was exhausted and had no strength to endure the pain, so I also needed an epidural. Ideally, I would like to do without it.

Both times the husband was present at the birth: in France, they always give birth with a partner. I don’t know of cases where one of my friends gave birth alone – this is not accepted.

Almost all young mothers work

As for the decree, it is very short in France: one and a half months before and two and a half after. Virtually no one sits longer. Almost all mothers work, with the exception of housewives, but there are not many of them. I personally went to work on time during my first pregnancy, adding the accumulated vacation days to the vacation – Adrian was about four months old. I then worked as a hired employee in the company. It was difficult, although even during pregnancy I decided to get out of the decree on time. We found a nanny, but I didn’t want to end breastfeeding – I nursed my son until six months old, I had to constantly pump before leaving for the office. If I continued to work as an employee now, then I would take an additional six months of maternity leave – this is possible, it’s just that the salary is almost not saved, so this option is not popular.

A few more words about breastfeeding: for the first two months, almost all French women breastfeed, and then they transfer to mixtures.

Children in France, of course, are loved, but they are clearly set limits on what is possible and what is not. Treat them as equals as adults. This is detailed in the now popular book French Children Don’t Spit Food.

They try not to take to restaurants with them, leaving them with nannies, simply because this is the time for parents, and children are supposed to sleep in the evening. In Paris, I know only a couple of restaurants with children’s rooms – this is rare. There is also an exception when children in a cafe are given coloring books with crayons. This is more likely to happen in hotel establishments where there are many visitors with kids. Here is the children’s menu can be found much more often. But among the French, children are also brought up in such a way that they don’t rush around the restaurant, don’t mix salt and pepper on the table, don’t make noise, that is, they don’t interfere with other visitors, but eat peacefully.

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