Abortion: getting rid of the child or health? (part 2)

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Another no less formidable complication of abortion is uterine perforation, that is, when, in the process of terminating a pregnancy, the uterus is damaged by surgical instruments up to the formation of a through hole in its wall. This can happen both at the very beginning of the operation, and at the end. The danger of this situation lies in the fact that the surgeon through this hole in the uterus can injure large vessels, nerves and organs adjacent to the uterus, such as the bladder, intestines and others.

The further actions of the doctor depend on the stage at which the perforation occurred. Sometimes a woman is transferred to the operating room to assess the extent of damage, to find out if the vessels are affected, and whether it is possible keep a mother like this…

Of course, the risk of this complication is largely determined by the general condition of the woman, the duration of pregnancy, the presence or absence of previous abortions, as well as the professionalism of the gynecologist. But damage to the uterus can occur even in a very experienced specialist, because the abortion is performed “blindly”, that is, the surgeon does not see the walls of the uterus, its cavity, changes in the uterine walls, the location of the fetal egg, etc. It is precisely because the doctor has to act “blindly”, practically “by touch”, that the fetus and its membranes are partially removed from the uterine cavity, requiring repeated curettage – the so-called “remains of chorionic tissue”.

Sometimes damage occurs not to the uterus itself, but to its cervix. This is especially common in nulliparous women, since the expansion of the cervical canal in them is a rather complicated process, the body seems to resist abortion. Injury to the cervix fraught with the further development of its pathology, ranging from “banal” erosion to tumor diseases.

In addition, the damaged cervix (and traumatizing it to one degree or another during a surgical abortion always occurs, since it is forcibly opened) does not open well during childbirth, which may be an indication for a caesarean section. Or vice versa, the cervix injured during an abortion becomes the cause of the so-called isthmic-cervical insufficiency, when it opens prematurely, and hence the loss of pregnancy – a miscarriage.

Previous abortions disrupt the carrying of an already desired pregnancy, this becomes very problematic and sometimes one pregnancy after another ends in miscarriages.

This may also lead to the appearance adhesions in the uterine cavity. They develop again due to mechanical damage to the uterine wall during an abortion, when the fetal egg is removed along with the internal uterine lining – the endometrium. Damage to the endometrium can lead to the development of its various changes, which ultimately leads to the appearance of an adhesive process. Adhesions inside the uterus reduce the ability of a fertilized egg to “stick” to the uterine wall, and can cause miscarriage or fetal developmental disorders.

Again, due to mechanical trauma to the uterine cavity, hormonal disruption that occurs during any abortion and infectious complications after it, the activity and sometimes the structure of the fallopian tubes are disrupted. These changes in the genital organs in their totality dramatically increase the risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy, and sometimes lead to impaired patency of the fallopian tubes, and possibly inability to conceive.

Postponed abortions very often cause infertility. Half of all cases of female infertility and almost a third of cases of stillbirth are due to a previous abortion. There are a lot of reasons leading to infertility in women who have had an abortion at least once. In addition, very often there is a combination of these reasons in the same failed mother.

The female body has two programs embedded in it regarding pregnancy. It all starts from the moment of maturation of the egg, its release from the follicle in the middle of the menstrual cycle. As soon as this happens, the female body begins to produce special hormones that prepare the uterus from the inside to “receive” several cells, making it possible for a new life to appear.

The inner lining of the uterus (endometrium) grows, accumulates numerous nutrients necessary for a developing small organism for its normal development. The vessels of the endometrium also increase, ready immediately after the “attachment” of the fertilized egg, to bring oxygen to it and various chemical compounds necessary for its life …

And if fertilization does not occur, this becomes a signal to stop the release of hormones that prepare the uterus for pregnancy. And without them, there is a “rejection” of the enlarged endometrium, which is expressed in the appearance of menstruation.

If the egg is fertilized, then this causes a whole cascade of transformations in the body and, above all, hormonal ones. All the forces of the female being are directed to the preservation and development of this pregnancy. And this applies not only to the uterus, ovaries and mammary glands, but also to all organs and systems of the body without exception. The brain, heart, liver and other vital organs are included in this important and responsible process, all work according to a program predetermined by nature.

But one day, not very fine, there is a violent termination of pregnancy, that is, a gross intrusion into the work of all internal organs worked out by evolution! It doesn’t matter which way the abortion was performed – with the help of a pill or in the operating room – the genetically planned plan of the body’s activity is sharply and simultaneously violated! Nature did not foresee such adjustments and invasions, and no one knows how this or that organ, system and organism as a whole will behave in this situation …

Precisely because the well-established program originally incorporated into the female body is violated, various menstrual disorders, gynecological diseases and infertility develop after abortions.

But since not only one uterus, but all organs and systems were preparing for the preservation of pregnancy, this cannot but affect their condition too. After such an “invasion of nature”, the endocrine and cardiovascular systems of the body get an impetus to the development of diseases, and the nervous system suffers.

Such a violation of the genetic program and a sharp change in the hormonal background caused by abortion increase the risk of developing precancerous diseases and cancer of the mammary glands, cervix and uterine mucosa. This is also facilitated by mechanical damage to the cervix and the uterus itself, and inflammatory processes of the genital organs, which develop in about 20% of women who have had an abortion.

These are just some of the complications and consequences of artificial termination of pregnancy, which every woman needs to know and remember. This knowledge will force someone to reconsider their point of view about the “ease” and “routine” of abortion, someone will be turned against our national “maybe”, someone will be saved from a not entirely deliberate step, and, I hope, someone else until a very small and defenseless life is saved.


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