According to the law: a family with a baby was taken from the clinic to the police

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With each new round, it becomes clearer that this conflict is just an illustration of a much larger, perhaps even life-defining split between those who are “according to the law” and those who are “according to concepts” (or “humanly”).

In case you happen to be unaware of it, the short story is as follows:

What really happened

Sergey Yashin’s daughter (now she is six months old) has been observed at the Semeynaya clinic since birth.

“Family” is a network of clinics with a large number of branches. Yashins were attached to one of them, but the girl was prescribed an examination, which was not provided in this branch. They sent me to another branch (also the Semeynaya clinic).

Events began to unfold on Saturday, November 19, when mom, dad and a six-month-old daughter arrived at a non-“own” branch at the appointed time. For the procedure, according to the law, it is required to sign a service contract and voluntary informed consent for medical intervention. Since only a parent or legal representative can sign such consent for a minor, a document confirming family ties is required to process documents at the clinic – either a birth certificate, or at least a passport where the child is entered.

The Yashins did not have a child entered in the passports of either parent. They didn’t take their birth certificates with them. The agreement and consent, respectively, could not be signed. Therefore, the administrator refused to send the family for a planned procedure, but contacted by phone the branch where the Yashins’ daughter is constantly observed and requested information.

Since the answer did not come immediately, and the wait dragged on, Sergei Yashin asked to accept them without documents: in the end, they were drawn up in their branch according to all the rules – and the data should be in the general database. The administrator insisted on documents – at least copies, at least a photo in the phone. To which the father replied: “Let’s say I have a certificate, but the child is not mine, I stole it. How will you understand it? The head physician of the branch, who approached at that moment, ordered the administration to call the police.

A few minutes later, Yashin got tired of waiting and began to get ready to go home. At the exit, Sergei had a fight with a security guard. And then the whole family was taken to the police on suspicion of kidnapping a child.

The recording from the surveillance cameras in the lobby of the clinic is posted on Youtube – and you can try to form your own unbiased opinion about the current situation.

But then the Internet exploded.

We are looking for the guilty

Returning home, Sergei Yashin published his version of events on social networks. The beginning of the post: “I was taken to the police with my wife and a baby right from the clinic!!!” – immediately attracted the attention of human rights activists. During the day, this appeal was distributed in more than a thousand reposts. And, of course, everyone was indignant, condemned and demanded retribution. Since the public had only one version of events at its disposal, the entire Facebook community naturally took the side of the accusation.

  • “The patient can behave as he likes, but the head physician is obliged to resolve any situation”
  • “Yashin did well that he didn’t wipe himself, but told the whole world about this next “clinic”!”
  • “Why do parents have to prove at all that their child is their child??? People were sent from another branch of which they are regular customers for half a year. What kind of nonsense for their own money.
  • “And we are in the city clinic. If they demanded documents from everyone, a police squad would constantly live there. ”
  • “I hope you manage not only to get fired, but also to deprive the licenses of such doctors altogether!”

Admittedly, the text of the letter was written very competently and gave all parties to the conflict room for maneuver: the description of events began with a compliment to “its” branch: “An ideal clinic, wonderful staff, although not cheap.” Further, it turns out that the head physician of that, the starting branch, is generally an old good friend of the family. Sergei Yashin, most likely, at first was just waiting for an apology. But the letter ended with another angry appeal: “Gentlemen, forgive me, IS THIS NORMAL?! Is it normal that regular patients of your clinic are treated like cattle?!”

Passions were in full swing in social networks all weekend, and the network of clinics “Semeynaya” remained silent. But even despite this, the balance of power by Sunday evening began to level off: the people delved into the details. There were comments (and, oddly enough, they were mostly not from doctors) in support – no, not the clinic and not even the doctor who called the police, but the very approach to the situation: the law is the law.

  • “The doctor did the right thing. Dad won’t joke like that next time.
  • “We did the right thing, according to the law. An adequate patient would find a way to confirm his paternal rights to the child. But he turned out to be an aggressive humorist.”
  • “If he tried to joke like that in Europe or in the States, the child would have already gone to foster families.”
  • “Documents must be in order – there are cases when children become victims of crimes and scams. Therefore, even in doubtful cases, it is necessary to notify law enforcement agencies.

And on Monday, Pavel Brand, Semeynaya’s medical director, finally came out with a response and released surveillance video.

Legally or humanly

To be honest, the plot itself hasn’t been adjusted that much. It just became clear that it was dad who hit the guard first, and not vice versa. The rest of the outline is observed. But since Monday, the debate has shifted to a different plane. It is stupid to find out who is right and who is wrong, when it is obvious that both sides screwed up: parents must present documents, the guard does not have the right to forcibly detain anyone, the father did not have the right to start a fight, the clinic should not have uploaded videos to the Network, on which third parties are depicted … Yes, and this conflict should have been resolved (or not – what do you think?) Through higher organizations, and not through social networks.

In fact, it was precisely these considerations that largely explained the delay in the response from the Medical Director. Pavel Brand commented on Passion:

This is also an indicative moment: the fundamental unwillingness of the majority of the population to resolve conflicts in an official way. As in the ancient world, we prefer to take it by the throat and arrange a plebiscite: whoever gets the most “likes” wins.

However, the flaring war “Yashina against Semeynaya” has shown that a rather powerful layer of people has formed who believe that if there is a law, then it should simply be observed – not “to meet halfway”, not “trying to somehow solve”, not “negotiate” … We, as a society, have finally matured to the level of at least the Middle Ages and are ready to see the conflict between the legal and the moral.

Don’t you think that right at this moment in social networks the fate of society as a whole is being decided: to live according to the law – as prescribed, or according to conscience – as you agree. Do you believe in the possibility of combining these two paradigms?


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