Acne in adults is a wake-up call

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It happens (and quite often) that acne did not even think to stop. There are fewer of them, they have acquired some cyclicity (from menstruation to ovulation, the skin is clean and radiant, and from ovulation to menstruation, you have to alternate salicylic alcohol with foundation, as in early youth), but they have not completely disappeared. As you get older, you get used to it and don’t worry too much.

Quite often, acne in women over 30 years of age is associated with the abolition of hormonal contraceptives … But in this case, by analogy with puberty, we observe hormonal changes. In three to five months everything should be back to normal.

It happens even worse: by the age of 15, your face has cleared and shone, and at 35, misfortunes have piled up with renewed vigor: deep, painful pimples or small pustules jump up here and there – and you are completely lost. Sometimes your dermatologist gets lost too. Having made scrapings and excluding the diagnoses familiar to him, he begins to refer you to an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist (this is most often) and all sorts of other specialists. Are you trying to understand: is it really necessary or are they just squeezing money out of you? Let’s try to get our bearings.

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