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The main thing is to wake up properly

Ekaterina Andreeva over and over again refutes the “accusations” that she did plastic surgery, Botox injections and fillers. The host of Channel One explains that if you invest in your health and appearance from year to year, the result will not be long in coming. What can you learn from TV personality?

She advises getting up early in the morning, and going to bed no later than midnight. If you sleep until noon, then you still won’t be able to sleep, and the view will be wrinkled. What matters is what you sleep on. Andreeva recommends orthopedic pillows and a mattress, a light blanket and a cool room, that is, sleeping with an open window or window – at any time of the year.

Getting out of bed, do not rush to the kitchen. Pat your face, pull your hair, turn your head – at least a hundred times. This will warm up your face. Ekaterina was taught such simple tricks by a Chinese doctor and taijiquan teacher.

About nutrition: intermittent fasting

If we talk about sports loads, then Andreeva has been doing yoga for many years, does not miss personal training in the gym, and has recently become interested in boxing. One of Catherine’s favorite exercises in the gym is walking with a weighting agent behind her back. She chooses a weight of 15 kilograms. Like, you walk around with such a load and then, throwing it off your shoulders, you feel lightness and pride in yourself.

Of course, sports will not give a noticeable result without adjusting the diet. And here the TV presenter does not give herself concessions. For many years she does not eat sugar and practices intermittent fasting. Allows himself meals for eight hours, the next sixteen – without food.

“Dinner is better at 19:00-20:00. But if dinner is late, then you should go to bed three hours after it. And I don’t eat sugar. It leads to skin aging – chemists have proven this. Replace sweet death with stevia, honey, agave syrup. And remember, exorbitant cravings for sweets are a harbinger of serious illnesses, ”the TV personality shared in an interview.

We add that she regularly undergoes detox programs in her favorite sanatoriums. This allows you to get rid of a couple of kilograms and find the treasured lightness in the body. However, experts have an ambiguous opinion about this power system.

Expert comment

“Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular nutritional strategies today. What is it and why is it so popular? Essentially, IS is just a long period of not eating with a relatively short eating window. Contrary to what many people believe, IS will not magically make you lose weight. However, it helps you consume fewer calories per day, making it easier to create a calorie deficit. And therefore – to lose weight! Consider one of the most common intermittent fasting protocols – the 16-hour fasting window. If your eating window is from 12pm to 8pm, then you are essentially skipping breakfast. This can help save approximately 300-500 calories. In addition, if you stop eating after 8 p.m., you will minimize late snacking, which also increases your total daily calorie intake. It all comes down to a calorie deficit. No more, no less.

IG may be beneficial in terms of hunger management, mainly through larger portion sizes in a relatively short period of time. These two factors can make it much easier for some people to stick to a calorie deficit. There is nothing special about intermittent fasting. It’s just a style of eating more comfortable for some people. Also, do not flatter yourself about the particularly beneficial effect of IG on the level of insulin and somatotropin. And even more so about his “participation” in the start of the autophagy process. If your goal is to build muscle and not lose weight, then I would recommend a different eating style that will provide more frequent dosing of protein.

Beauty gadgets by Ekaterina Andreeva

How does Andreeva care for her face? On the one hand, nothing special. Skin cleansing in the morning and evening, tonic and cream afterwards, eye serum, silver mask. All other procedures only at cosmetologists and doctors. The telediva has been practicing acupuncture for many years, when about three hundred of the finest needles are applied to the face at special points – they allow you to relieve muscle tension and stimulate blood flow. Also, the beloved master gives Ekaterina a massage with silver instruments. Andreeva adds that she has a lot of beauty gadgets for massage at home, but recommends that you first consult with a specialist.

“Masks, rollers with and without thorns, jade plates for massage – the choice is now great. At home I make silver masks. Everything else – only with the masters. But there are many good techniques, and if you like self-massage, why not? ”The presenter shares.

She repeatedly advised the Argent-znak silver mask, which rejuvenates the skin, Anne Semonin ice cubes. The latter are a serum of hyaluronic acid with extracts of edelweiss flowers and the smallest particles of pearls. Finally, one of the latest discoveries of the telediva is a vacuum massage according to the Chenot method, which is responsible for skin turgor. But you also need to do it only with a good master.

Finally, Ekaterina Andreeva always adds that all procedures, even the most expensive ones, will be ineffective if you do not monitor your emotional state and live in a state of stress. She is sure that each person is responsible for their thoughts and moods – in spite of all circumstances. And sincerely recommends everyone not to be angry, to envy and not to compare themselves with others. A positive outlook on the world contributes to the preservation of youth, the TV personality is sure.

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