Addiction: where to get help?

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When conducting a marketing study of the market for narcological services, it turned out that in most cases assistance can be obtained in commercial centers with various types of treatment and rehabilitation programs and terms of stay in them (from 1 month to 1 year), as well as a very wide range of prices – from 800 to 10 000 USD/month

Today, there are a number of state narcological institutions that are able to provide assistance to drug addicts at a high professional level, but based on the existing material and technical base of state rehabilitation and narcological institutions, only a small part of patients who need such assistance can undergo treatment in them, and this on the condition that those in need find such institutions.

It should also be noted that it is practically impossible to obtain effective assistance free of charge in such institutions. There are also several religious communities and Protestant programs in Russia where a limited number of drug addicts can get free help. There are Orthodox monasteries and communities that accept drug addicts for a long time, which, in general, also contributes to helping a very small number of drug addicts.

In addition, “help” to the suffering is provided by sectarian organizations, after staying in which people need to undergo additional rehabilitation.

  1. State treatment and rehabilitation programs, only a few of which are able to provide truly effective assistance to drug addicts. Organizations that provide little or no effective help do not want to recognize this circumstance and by doing this, in the end, undermine the patient’s faith in recovery, thereby pushing him to continue using drugs.

  2. Commercial centers can provide effective assistance, while the amount for treatment in such a center incomparably exceeds the real possibilities of most people who need drug treatment. Each treatment program, of course, advertises only itself and levels out the capabilities and effectiveness of other similar institutions. At the same time, remission up to one year is 30-40%, which does not even approximately correspond to the indicators of Western similar structures.

  3. Non-profit partnerships and public organizations that few provide effective assistance to those in need. The cost of treatment and effectiveness in such centers is in fact often equated with the cost in commercial centers.

  4. Religious communities that accept those who initially cannot pay for expensive treatmentor those who, after treatment in paid programs, are not able to financially continue the search for a treatment center that could provide the necessary and effective assistance.

  5. Other types of assistance offered by various private doctors, healers, healers, sorcerers and fortune tellers and promise 100% healing in a few sessions – in most cases, they are not professionals and, accordingly, are not able to provide effective qualified assistance. Positive results of treatment in such specialists are 1-2% of the total number of applicants.

It’s important to know!

In those medical and rehabilitation institutions or those “Specialists” who promise you to return a healthy relative, and even with a guarantee:

  • where only medical treatment is used (drug addiction is treated with legalized drugs).

Remember that drug addiction is a bio-, socio-spiritual disease and it must be treated comprehensively:

  • where they promise you to pick up a reliable pill and cure (today there is no such medicine that could guarantee a complete recovery, and there is no such doctor who could cure absolutely any drug addicted person);

  • where the inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation program is less than 90 days and the entire conscious life.

Remember, every time you go down the wrong path, you lose not only money! You are losing the most important thing – hope. Only qualified specialists are able to help you overcome difficulties, not to lose faith in yourself and people.

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