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“People suddenly become so angry and aggressive” is a phrase that can be heard most often during the off-season. Moreover, absolutely everything around is often annoying: the sun shines too brightly, the birds sing too loudly, and a stranger in a minibus had the audacity to laugh out loud at some joke on the phone. Such a tired and depressed mood during this period is understandable. Winter in Russia is a rather stressful, and most importantly, long season, because the body is mobilized to survive frosts, snowfalls and eternal darkness outside the window. And even her foreboding causes unpleasant emotions in many, and the restructuring to the “cold mode” leads to the fact that both mental and physical resources are at zero, which is why such a painful condition occurs. The body needs time and a little help to cope with autumn fatigue.

What symptoms do people most often complain about in the off-season?

  • Apathy. It was as if all the joy and taste for life had been pumped out of a person. Do not want to do anything.

  • Emotional instability: an inexplicable melancholy and a desire to cry quickly come to replace the spiritual uplift, irritability and aggressiveness appear.

  • Anxietyfor which there are no objective reasons.

  • Constant fatigue. A person does not sleep well and gets out of bed in the morning already exhausted. There is so little energy that even the slightest mental and physical efforts are given with great difficulty.

How to become energetic again and get rid of irritation

Tip 1. Walk more

Leisurely walks in the fresh air strengthen the immune system, help reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol, effectively fight chronic fatigue syndrome and improve sleep quality. In addition, being in the sun, which is still quite a lot in September, activates the production of vitamin D in the body, which will also positively affect your well-being. Start with at least 10-20 minutes a day – you can always find them even in a very busy schedule.

Tip 2. Review your diet

Avoid or minimize fast food and heavy, fatty foods. The autumn menu should be light and rich in useful vitamins and minerals. It should be dominated by fresh, not canned vegetables, good vegetable oils, fish and seafood, legumes, nuts, whole grains. Take a closer look at the Mediterranean diet – it is not for nothing that it is considered one of the most balanced and at the same time delicious in the world.

Tip 3. Control what and how much you drink

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of energy loss, so remember to drink water. Experts recommend calculating your personal fluid rate using the formula “half a liter for every 15 kilograms of weight.” At the same time, preference should be given to ordinary water without gas, herbal and green teas. But from drinks with a high content of caffeine (black tea, coffee, energy drinks) you should refrain or reduce their amount to a minimum.

Tip 4. Start taking vitamins and trace elements

Unfortunately, in autumn it is already quite difficult to get enough vitamins and minerals from food. Therefore, if you feel weak, constantly tired, apathetic, your headaches become more frequent, your nails become brittle and your hair dull, and others often note your pale and haggard appearance, support iron stores in the body. Dietary supplements, for example, VitaFerr, can help you with this. This complex, in addition to the latest generation of iron compounds, contains B vitamins, vitamin C, which are necessary for better absorption of iron, as well as folates for hematopoiesis.

Tip 5. Go in for sports

You have probably noticed that after a workout you experience a feeling of mild euphoria. It occurs due to the fact that physical activity repeatedly increases the level of serotonin. And to start this process, it is not necessary to pull iron in the hall, even regular light exercises are enough – the main thing is to move!

Tip 6. Meditate

To find peace of mind, there is nothing better than yoga, spiritual and breathing practices. They relieve nervous tension, harmonize the body and spirit and help get rid of stress and irritability. You can even practice at home – for a full-fledged practice, you only need a mat and Internet access.

Tip 7: Be kind to yourself

Autumn hypochondria is not the most pleasant state, and you don’t really want to feel constantly tired and experience negative emotions, but you have the right to them. You should not reproach yourself for the lack of willpower, understand, you are just very tired – and that’s fine! Better try to help yourself: change your lifestyle, get enough sleep and start taking care of yourself before you start throwing yourself at people for no reason.

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