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Allergy to pollen: Daineko and the Queen

Victoria Daineko has been suffering from allergies for many years and often shares her anguish about this with subscribers. Her body reacts to the pollen of flowering plants, plus she is allergic to dust. Already in May, the singer does not go out without a mask, glasses and a pack of paper handkerchiefs. The performer has repeatedly shared her sorrows with her followers: during the flowering period, she has a hard time.

Fellow musicians always keep a box of paper napkins for her, on which is already written: “Bless you!”, so as not to say it every five minutes.

As for allergies to dust, in many ways this is also a seasonal story. In summer, dust easily enters the room through open windows. To get rid of her, Daineko regularly orders wet cleaning in the house. For this reason, she herself does not clean the apartment.

Struggling with pathology, the girl even underwent a treatment course in one of the clinics in Munich, after which it became easier for her to endure her attacks.

Natasha Koroleva has been suffering from hay fever for over twenty years. According to the artist, she has long been accustomed to this situation: she sneezes, coughs and patiently waits for the end of flowering. Doctors also recommend that she strengthen her immune system so that her pathology does not progress.

Allergy to metal: Anita Tsoi

Anita Tsoi’s allergy, as they say, has become a side effect of her professional activities. A few years ago, while participating in the One to One project, she discovered she was allergic to plastic makeup.

It is no secret that the project participants were literally glued on silicone masks, with which they worked for several hours. This was quite enough to detect irritation and itching on the skin. Further more. The artist noticed that metal jewelry, and more specifically gold, also cause an allergic reaction on the skin.

Tsoi drank a course of drugs in agreement with the doctor – she felt better. And for some time now, the singer has not used cosmetics outside the stage and frame. The same applies to metal jewelry: the artist puts them on only when necessary.

Actress Natalya Lesnikovskaya discovered she was allergic to a solarium. By the way, the reaction of the skin to the sun is a fairly common story. In the case of a solarium, the skin receives a “massive” blow. A similar pathology is often observed in fair-skinned people. Some of them do not tan at all – the skin quickly turns red. In the case of Natalya, the way to deal with allergic reactions matured quickly: the topic of a solarium was closed to her.

Food allergy: Julia Khlynina

Let’s not forget about food allergies, which are not so rare. What is the difference from the “classic”? It is always a reaction to an excessive amount of a product. For example, if a person ate a couple of kilograms of tangerines, a food allergy would be a logical reaction. This will not happen from one or two citrus fruits.

An unpleasant story on this basis happened to actress Yulia Khlynina. The girl drank a drink with a high content of soy (soy milk is a popular additive in coffee now). The waiter was warned about the actress’s allergy, but the barista who prepared the coffee did not take the information into account. The result was Quincke’s edema and anaphylactic shock! As you know, the consequences of this condition are extremely dangerous and can be fatal. Khlynina was taken to the Botkin hospital, where she promptly received the necessary assistance. According to the artist, she did not sue, but the institution conducted a thorough check and forced them to label all foods and drinks containing allergens.

What do you need to know about allergies?

The bad news is that allergies cannot be eliminated permanently. Good: there are methods to reduce the body’s hypersensitivity to a particular allergen. This happens due to the allergen introduced into the body (strictly under the supervision of a doctor), which allows a person to gradually get used to it. But most patients still use medication to relieve symptoms.

Everyone handles allergies differently. This can be seen even in our examples: Natasha Koroleva sneezes every spring, waiting for the end of the flowering period. Victoria Daineko cannot go outside without a mask. And Yulia Khlynina paid for a cup of coffee with soy milk with anaphylactic shock, the most dangerous complication of an allergy that requires immediate help.

We have already talked in one of the previous materials about what every allergic person should have with him in case of an attack. Not a sin to repeat:

  • there must be adrenaline in ampoules or a special device – Epipen (EpiPen) (syringe-pen to make an injection yourself – ed.);

  • glucocorticosteroids (hormones) in tablets and ampoules – used to relieve urticaria, edema, severe asthma attacks;

  • antihistamines;

  • bronchodilators – drugs that dilate the bronchi during an asthma attack;

  • nebulizer (apparatus for aerosol therapy) + preparations for nebulizer therapy.

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