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Early winter. Cold and wet. This means that the second wave of the common cold will cover us soon. And she, a cold, is always so at the wrong time. Of course, you can rush to the pharmacy, stock up on all sorts of highly advertised products and deal an impressive blow to your budget and immune system. And you can use the good old proven home recipes. The main thing is to fight the cold resolutely and actively, and not to let things take their course in the hope that “it will resolve itself”. How many times have we promised to do just that and quickly forgot about our promises, as soon as the temperature subsides and stops pouring from the nose.

What to do in the “cold” period?

The first thing I would suggest is add more raw vegetables to the daily diet, especially carrots, cabbage, beets. Immediately make it a rule to have garlic and onions on the table. The more you eat, the better, and in extreme cases, at least breathe in phytoncides. In taking care of your health, in the end, you can forget about the discomfort of others for a while.

Make healthy sandwiches for the whole family at least once a week. Take three cloves of garlic, crush them, mix with one tablespoon of fresh butter and spread it all on a slice of bread. It would be nice to add a few chopped parsley stalks on top – sandwiches will be not only healthy, but also tasty.

For adults, garlic sandwiches can be washed down (or, conversely, eaten) with vodka. But not simple, but aged in the refrigerator for three days with cloves of the same garlic – three cloves per half liter. 30 grams three times a day. Exclusively for medicinal purposes (this is how you teach your own faithful to take care of health).

Secondly, it is extremely important at this time to avoid hypothermia, especially the legs. Legs are the first and main conductor of a cold.

If you are already sneezing 3-4 times in a row, then do not wait until your nose is completely blocked. Start prevention immediately.

Well, now, what to do if you did not have time to carry out any of these procedures on time? You are overcome by a dry cough, eyes, like those of a rabbit, run like a stream from your nose. The first 4-5 days of water and iodine-salt mixture must be done. If your throat hurts, prepare the following composition for rinsing: put one teaspoon of baking soda and five to six drops of iodine into one glass of warm boiled water (you can use half a teaspoon of iodized salt instead of iodine). Rinse two to three times a day or more.

Nadezhda SUBCHEVA, phytotherapist.

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