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Sometimes situations arise when urgent medical care is required, and there is not a single necessary pill at hand. In this case, you have to use any means at hand and rely only on your own strength and knowledge. Goodshapetips tells how you can quickly help yourself without resorting to medications.

biological points

Acupressure (impact on biologically active points of the body) – one of the most effective and fastest ways to treat and improve well-being. The main thing in this science is to find the “necessary” point and influence it correctly. The biologically active point is often located in a small depression with a diameter of 0.2-5 mm and is characterized by increased pain sensitivity.

Acupressure and acupuncturists use needles, moxas (smoldering wormwood sticks) or finger massage to influence the points. We will consider only the method of exposure with the fingers, since the use of needles and moxas requires certain professional skills.

It must be remembered that the final effect – soothing or exciting – depends on the method, strength and duration of exposure.

Massage, as a rule, is carried out with the thumb or forefinger, and the duration of exposure to the point is from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Quick help with motion sickness

Are you suddenly seasick in an airplane, car or boat? A point located 2 fingers below the base of the palm (towards the elbow bend) in the middle of the wrist will help to quickly cope with dizziness and nausea. With your index finger and thumb, firmly pinch this point on both sides of your wrist. After 10-30 seconds you will feel better.

For runny nose and stuffy nose

The point is located above the bridge of the nose, in the middle between the eyebrows, at the base of the nose. It is necessary to press on the point and, making light vibrating movements in place, hold until relief comes.

Reflexology for nosebleeds

To stop nosebleeds, you must use a point located on the foot. You will need an assistant.

Sit on a bed or a chair. Your friend should raise your right or left leg (if blood comes from the right nostril, then you need to raise the right one, if from the left – the left one) and pat your palm on the bottom of the heel. After a while, the bleeding will stop.

Get rid of pain in a few seconds

one. Determine the location of the pain, its boundaries, and how severe the pain is.

2. Place your index fingers at the beginning and at the end of the pain (for example, you pulled a leg muscle: put one finger at the top where the pain begins, the other at the bottom where it ends). If the pain area is small, place both fingers side by side. Start massaging with gentle circular motions. If you have correctly defined the boundaries of pain, it will begin to subside.

You will achieve better results if your fingers are near the painful area, and not directly on it. Do not overdo it – strong pressure will increase the pain.

On sunstroke

Exactly in the center of the palm is a point, when stimulated by rhythmic pressing, you can relieve the symptoms of sunstroke.

First aid for high temperature

High temperatures can be dealt with in the following ways:

one. Apply a wet, cold towel to your ankles. Instead of a towel, you can soak your socks in cool water and put them on. Especially well this method helps to lower the temperature in children.

2. Drink tea with sage or lemon balm: pour boiling water over the herbs and steep for 10 minutes.

3. Apply a cold compress to your head and neck.

How to stop a runny nose, relieve a headache without medication?

Improvised means instead of pills

You can get rid of ailments using improvised means.

To relieve headaches and migraine attacks

one. For headaches caused by mental fatigue, it is recommended to take a warm bath or steam your legs for 10-15 minutes.

2. If a headache accompanies colds, you need to smear menthol oil on your forehead, temples, back of your head and behind your ears.

3. A severe headache of any origin can be relieved by smearing the forehead and temples with lemon grated with zest.

4. For migraines, soak a cotton swab in red beet or onion juice and place in your ear.

five. With chronic headaches, the following recipe helps: beat a fresh egg in a glass and pour boiling milk over it. Mix everything and drink.

Hot compress for muscle pain

You will need: a towel and hot water.

one. Heat the water without boiling. Roll up the towel so that it can only cover the area you are going to compress.

2. Dip a rolled towel in a bowl of water, wring it out lightly, and apply it to the painful area. Keep it on until the towel is cold. Repeat if necessary.

Such a compress cannot be used if you have just been injured. In this case, it is necessary to apply not heat, but cold to the painful area.

“Rice sock” for pain and discomfort

This is a universal compress – it can be made both hot and cold. You will need: uncooked rice and a clean sock

one. Pour rice into the sock so that it can easily spill inside. Tie the sock with thread or ribbon.

2. To prepare a hot compress, put the sock with rice in the microwave for 1 minute, for a cold compress, in the refrigerator for 45 minutes.

3. Shake the sock and apply to the desired area.

A few drops of aromatic oil (such as lavender relaxation oil) or dried herbs (a mixture of dried lavender, chamomile flowers, and lemon peel is often used) can be added to the rice.

Instead of a sock, you can use a small rag bag, and instead of rice – cherry pits, grains, flaxseed, buckwheat or salt.

Get rid of a cold quickly

Nasal drops:

one. Dilute honey with water in a ratio of 1: 1 and drip a few drops.

2. Drip 5-6 drops of freshly squeezed beet juice, aloe juice or onion.

With a runny nose, a warm compress applied to the bridge of the nose helps. You can use a compress from a bag of rice, cereals, salt, or a hard-boiled egg wrapped in a scarf. You need to keep such a compress as long as it is warm.

stop coughing

one. If the cough is painful in the morning or evening, it is recommended to drink a glass of hot water with the addition of 3 drops of iodine.

2. Put mustard plasters on the throat and upper part of the sternum.

3. Gargle with a mixture of onion juice and honey.

4. Brazilian recipe: 2 bananas, wipe and pour 1 glass of sweet water. Mix well, heat up and drink.

five. Inhalation: Dissolve 10 tablets of Validol in hot water and inhale the vapors for several minutes.

To soothe toothache

You can quickly soothe a toothache by putting a piece of raw beets on the aching tooth or rubbing the gum near the aching tooth with a clove of peeled garlic. You can also finely chop the onion, wrap it in gauze or a handkerchief and put it in your ear: if the tooth hurts on the right side, then the onion swab should be put in the left ear, and vice versa.

“Smart” help

Separately, I would like to say about how a person can help himself, using the power of his own thought. Many experts claim that the possibilities of the human mind are limitless, so why not use it for your own benefit?

The power of thought against pain

one. You need to take your mind off the pain. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and focus on something in particular: a dish, a smell, a movie, or a book. The main thing is to think about what you really like.

2. Think about what or whom you are ready to sacrifice your life for or endure unbearable pain. Focus on this thing or person and for 10 minutes mentally draw to yourself its / his image.

3. Mentally draw your body in the form of a transparent three-dimensional figure: your energy flows through your vessels, and your power creates a “protective” aura around the body. Visualize your pain as points on your body and direct your strength and energy against the pain. You should mentally see how the pain decreases and disappears.

In this way, you can get rid of absolutely any pain: headache, toothache, pain during menstruation or injuries.

All of the above recipes are very easy to use and effective. However, remember that if your discomfort is a symptom of a serious illness, then you should seek professional medical help as soon as possible.

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