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Many young women, in pursuit of beauty and harmony, go over all reasonable limits in losing weight and dieting. desire to have figure like famous top models borders on fanaticism and obsession. Then the reflection in the mirror, even with the initial degrees of dystrophy, still seems “terribly fat”, and this is regarded by doctors as a mental illness – anorexia nervosa.

In recent years, this disease has become very relevant – skinny young ladies-models look at us from TV screens and pages of glossy publications, and the cult of thinness is implanted.

About origins

Anorexia was known back in the 19th century, when the aristocratic nobility, in pursuit of new fashion trends and very thin waist starved herself. But then there was no such general fashion for thinness, and anorexia was rare, mainly among exalted ladies.

The anorexia boom began in the 20th century with the creation of the Barbie doll – it was this plastic beauty that introduced the fashion for a very narrow waist and thinness. Today, many teenage girls and girls who dream of becoming a model, by starvation and all sorts of manipulations, bring themselves to the state of a skeleton and end up in a psychiatric hospital.

Anorexia and its types

Psychiatrists call anorexia a serious disease, which consists in a painful distortion of the perception of one’s body – dysmorphophobia. Girls think that they are fat, even if objectively they are not. At the same time, they stop eating, take strong laxatives, or induce vomiting in order to lose weight. Patients have a metabolic disorder hormone balance and the body fails.

Usually anorexia overtakes teenage girls or women with low self-esteem, psychological trauma, excessive demands or dreams of becoming a supermodel. In addition, anorexia can also lie in wait for lovers of permanent diets, sometimes they are overly fond of them.

Doctors distinguish two types of anorexia:

  • With a restrictive form anorexia is exhaustion due to partial or almost complete refusal to eat.
  • At cleansing anorexia patients eat food, but after they have eaten, they use methods to remove food from the body: induce vomiting, take diuretics or laxatives. They lose control of their food intake.

Manifestations of anorexia

Symptoms, unfortunately, are the first to be noticed by relatives and friends of the patient. The patient herself does not want to recognize herself as such. It pathologically seems to her that she needs to lose more weight, that her figure is “terribly fat” and everyone is looking at her because of this. These reflections bring into her life permanent phobias and discontent.

In this state, a person does not have the opportunity to adequately control his consciousness, actions and thoughts. Life begins to revolve around food and body weight, the girls are busy counting the calories of each bite they eat, looking for imaginary fat folds on the body, and the sight of food causes almost panic horror and disgust.

At night, such patients have nightmares about excess weight, food and fat. As a result, they are afraid not only to eat, but also to sleep – the nervous system is depleted even faster and failure occurs.

Anorexia dramatically interferes with the hormonal background of a woman – with a weight of 45 kg and below, it occurs infertility and menstruation may completely stop, sexual function is disturbed, attractiveness is lost. The inferiority complex is aggravated, there is a misunderstanding on the part of relatives and friends. Such women are considered crazy. This disease can also lead to death.

Patients with anorexia rarely seek help, naively believing that there is no problem – usually their parents, relatives or friends bring them to the clinic.

Reminder for relatives

If you keep hearing:

  • dissatisfaction with the set of extra 100 grams,
  • counting the “huge amount” of extra calories in a salad,
  • exclamations of “God, how fat I am!” at normal or even reduced weight,
  • if after eating the first reaction is to induce vomiting,

– You should see a psychiatrist.

You need to hurry especially if:

  • problems with the menstrual cycle,
  • weight drops dramatically
  • ribs, elbows begin to bulge,
  • thinness looks painful.

A visit to the doctor is necessary immediately, since the disturbed processes are in the advanced stage metabolism may become irreversible. Then the digestive system will refuse to take food, assimilate it, and the hormones will be so naughty that they will give inadequate reactions. All this can lead an exhausted and weakened body to death.


Anorexia is not a problem digestionbut a mental disorder. It is subject to treatment, best of all – in a hospital.

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