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Apitherapy is a treatment method using bee products: honey, perga, propolis, royal jelly, wax, and bee venom.

The healing properties of honey have been known to mankind since ancient times, healers and alchemists used it in their mixtures, now honey is included in many recipes of traditional medicine. Honey plays a significant role in prolonging active longevity.

Currently, the composition and properties of bee products have been studied in detail, they are actively used to treat many diseases.

Honey has a high nutritional value, contains fructose, glucose and sucrose, about 20 elements of the periodic table, B vitamins and ascorbic acid. Honey has antibacterial and bactericidal effects, has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

Propolis – bee “glue” – a waste product of bees. Propolis is formed from resinous substances collected by bees and mixed with their secretions from the salivary glands. Propolis has antibacterial, antifungal (destroys fungi), antiparasitic effects, relieves allergies, inflammatory changes, has a strong wound healing effect, regulates the immune system.

royal jelly – serves to feed the queen bee. Contains various minerals, hormones, proteins, free fatty acids. Royal jelly has a healing effect on the blood coagulation system, lowers blood pressure, is used to treat low body weight, stimulates lactation in lactating women, is used in neurology, pediatrics and other fields of medicine.

Perga – pollen collected by bees and preserved in the form of granules in honeycombs. Perga has a rich composition, which varies depending on the type of plants from which the pollen was collected, and has a high nutritional value. In medicine, it is used to stimulate hematopoiesis, as an anabolic with increased physical and psycho-emotional stress, as an excellent wound healing agent. Perga has immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory effects, increases potency and libido, and helps prolong youth.

Beeswax – used as an ingredient in many medicinal substances. Wax is able to absorb toxic substances from the surface of the skin and mucous membranes, enrich the body with organic acids, vitamins, fat-like substances, and has a bacteriostatic property. Used in cosmetics and dressings.

bee venom – produced by the poisonous gland of the bee, is a very valuable product with a rich composition. Bee venom promotes scar resorption, improves fat metabolism, enhances the action of certain hormones and enzymes, increases hemoglobin, improves blood microcirculation, lowers body temperature and reduces pain. And even increases the body’s resistance to radiation exposure!

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