Are multivitamins good for you and what do they do?

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Recently, advertising has focused on the “specialization” of vitamin complexes: there are vitamins to improve memory, to prevent impotence, to strengthen the immune system, nails and hair …

Who needs a multivitamin

Actually, beriberi is one of the manifestations of starvation. If you do not get enough vitamins or minerals from food, then you have to compensate for the shortage. In the 60s and 70s of the last century, this was quite relevant: many people could really lack vitamin D and vitamin C in our latitudes in winter.

The lack of meat in the diet led to a deficiency of iron and B vitamins – in fact, in those days there was a strong myth about the need for multivitamins.

Or rather, then it was not even a myth: indeed, many people did not have enough normal nutrition – the children were given yellow sweet and sour peas, and it was believed that this would protect against many problems. But in our time, a healthy diet is available to everyone and all year round.

Deficiency of several vitamins at once is extremely rare, most often one or two are missing. For example, people who exclude meat from the diet need vitamin B12, and adherents of the Dukan, Atkins or ketone diet definitely lack vitamin C.

But in order to find out which vitamins you need, you should definitely consult a doctor and, if necessary, take a blood test.

“Without looking” multivitamins are prescribed only for pregnant women who need additional portions of folic acid (to reduce the risk of developing fetal defects) and various trace elements (iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium).

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