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Are women giving birth enemas now?

Many have heard that not so long ago, women were required to give an enema before giving birth. During attempts, it is possible to excrete feces from the rectum. All this, of course, is capable of delivering psychological discomfort to a woman. Enema – the procedure is also unpleasant, but necessary, many believe. However, times are changing. And our expert assured that the enema is now done at will and if they have time (definitely not at the time of full disclosure of the cervix).

“If a woman enters the maternity hospital in childbirth, the enema is done exclusively at her request, that is, they are guided by the patient.”

In what cases is a CS that was not originally planned performed? Some believe that a caesarean can literally be ordered at will to avoid the pain of childbirth.

“There are certain indications for emergency surgery during childbirth, they are strictly specified. Basically, an emergency cesarean is performed either when there is a threat to the life of a woman in childbirth, or to the fetus. As for the duration of childbirth: everything is very individual, primiparous and multiparous have different average duration of childbirth. Childbirth is “protracted” due to the weakness of labor activity, which can be corrected with medication, certain drugs. If medical correction is ineffective for several hours, only then is a caesarean section performed, again in the interests of the mother and fetus, and not at will.

Is it true that in case of ruptures, the stitches are then applied “on the fly”? A number of those who gave birth assure that they did not do any anesthesia after the episiotomy.

“No, examination of the birth canal and suturing of gaps is carried out strictly under anesthesia: either under local anesthesia (tissue chipping with an anesthetic solution) or under epidural. There are currently no problems with anesthesia during childbirth.”

Really after sorts or labors without fail there is an omission of internals? Many scare expectant mothers with this.

“It’s not at all necessary, it all depends on several factors: the course of childbirth, the large size of the fetus and ruptures of the soft tissues of the birth canal during childbirth, the characteristics of the course of the postpartum period, when tissue healing occurs, as well as collagen deficiency in the connective tissue, which is genetically programmed. In any case, even if such complications occur, there are currently modern techniques (both conservative and surgical) to eliminate these problems.

What vaccinations are currently being given in maternity hospitals and is it possible to refuse them?

“In the first 12 hours of a child’s life, he is vaccinated against hepatitis B, then – for 3-7 days – they are vaccinated with BCG (against tuberculosis). Immediately after the birth of a child, a neonatologist conducts an explanatory conversation with a young mother about the benefits of vaccinations and asks for consent to them. Children are not vaccinated without the wish of the mother.”

For what reasons can a woman who has given birth lose her milk?

“Of course, first of all, it is stress, as well as endocrinological pathology, which causes insufficient production of prolactin, the hormone that determines lactation.”

When can I have sex after giving birth?

“It is not for nothing that the postpartum period is generally 6-8 weeks. The place on the wall of the uterus where the placenta was located is a kind of wound surface, the healing of which will take an average of 6-8 weeks. During the postpartum period, a woman has discharge – “lochia” – this is just the discharge from the wound surface. Due to the incomplete closure of the cervical canal of the cervix, the presence of secretions, as well as the wound surface in the uterus, there is a so-called gate for ascending infection, that is, pathogenic microflora can easily get from the vagina into the uterus and then cause an inflammatory process – endometritis. In this regard, it is recommended to resume sexual activity 2 months after childbirth.

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