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Symptoms of arthritis

Arthritis affects various joints: often the hands or fingers, the hip joint, as well as the shoulder, knee, ankle, and foot are affected. Many factors contribute to the rejuvenation of the disease: specific physical activity, excess weight, hormonal changes. Thus, the diagnosis is sometimes made at the age of 20.

Early symptoms of arthritis may include:

  • pronounced pain syndrome;

  • zonal swelling;

  • impaired motor activity and, as a result, quality of life;

  • skin rashes;

  • irritability, insomnia, loss of appetite, fever;

  • seasonality of manifestations (for example, a change in weather and shoes traditionally causes an exacerbation)

Causes of arthritis, types of disease

Pathology can be associated with the influence of external and internal factors. For example, a sore throat that is not treated in time can become the cause of arthritis. What is the connection? When the body produces protective proteins (antibodies) to kill streptococci, it simultaneously begins to “gnaw” the joints. This is how rheumatoid arthritis occurs. Thus, it is important to emphasize that angina should be treated with antibiotics, and not with sprays and decoctions, as some frivolously do.

The diagnosis can be made after brucellosis. The disease is an infection transmitted from a sick animal to a person, for example, through fresh milk, raw meat. The microbes contained there penetrate the body and can affect the joints. Symptoms do not manifest themselves immediately: it can take several months or even years, a person complains of pain in the joints and, of course, does not associate this with love for fresh milk or work with cattle.

So, the occurrence of arthritis can be caused by infection with harmful microorganisms, metabolic disorders, injuries, allergies, non-infectious pathologies, malignant tumors, genetic predisposition. Depending on this, different types of diseases are distinguished:

– infectious

  • parasitic,

  • post-traumatic.

Diagnosis of arthritis

In order not to start the inflammatory process in the joints, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible, who will conduct laboratory tests and instrumental procedures. These include:

  • general blood test for the content of leukocytes. An indicator above the norm may indicate inflammation in the tissues;

  • radiography. Allows you to assess the level of joint deformity;

  • in some cases, a puncture from the inflamed area will follow.

Separate studies may also be needed to evaluate the work of internal organs. Based on their results, the doctor selects the treatment.

Treatment Methods

What can be done quickly at home to relieve pain? Apply gels with a freezing effect – they are responsible for pain relief. Similar tools are still often used by professional athletes.

In general, specialists use a set of tools, which include:

  • antibacterial drugs;

  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances;

  • means to eliminate edema;

  • antihistamines;

  • injections to increase the amount of lubrication in the joints.

Physiotherapy will not be superfluous, for example:

  • electrophoresis;
  • ultraviolet irradiation;
  • magnetic effect;
  • laser therapy

Of course, any patient will prefer conservative treatment to surgical intervention. However, if it does not help, an operation to extract pus from the joint cavity may follow. Sometimes the only option is joint replacement. According to doctors, this happens at a time when pain becomes a constant companion of the patient, not only during physical activity during the day, but also at night.

Differences between arthrosis and arthritis

Some people confuse the two diagnoses. It should be remembered that arthritis is always inflammatory in nature. The source of pathology, as mentioned above, can be a variety of initial disorders, infections. Arthritis suffers, according to various estimates, 1-2% of the world’s population, arthrosis is much more common. This diagnosis is a degenerative nature, also affecting the joints, well, much more slowly and without the presence of inflammation. This inevitably happens with age, when the tissues of the joints do not receive enough nutrition, physical activity decreases, or, conversely, the load becomes excessive.

Patients with arthritis report pain even at night, at rest. Those with arthrosis complain of pain during exercise. Arthrosis often affects the knee, hip, and ankle joints. Speaking about arthritis, the first thing they remember is the defeat of the hands, fingers.

Despite the less threatening nature of the disease, it should be remembered that arthrosis can develop into arthritis when an inflammatory process follows an infection. To prevent this, you should take care of the joints, not ignoring the protracted pain syndrome.


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