As you spend summer, so you will meet autumn

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The time has not yet come to wave a white handkerchief after the outgoing August, everyone wants to get their portion of light summer adventures and vivid emotions. There are opportunities for this. And not only for those who go on vacation to exotic countries in search of the sea, sun and white sand. There is something to see and do in your native Fatherland. So, on August 2-3, the main Kuban winemaking festival “Taman Vine” will be held on the Taman Peninsula, and from August 4 to 7 the annual festival “Baikal-Shaman” will be held. A colorful spectacle on the shore of Lake Baikal gathers thousands of guests from different parts of the country, and shamans with tambourines on stage are quickly replaced by rock bands, bards, folk bands and “metalheads” with electric guitars. On August 5-6, the Spassky Fair will be held in Yelabuga, Neptune Day will be celebrated on a grand scale on August 6 by residents and guests of the Crimean Koktebel, after which on August 12-13 you can move to the all-Russian festival of medieval battle “The Great Bolgar” or visit the bright fireworks festival “Silver Boat” in Kostroma. And easy-going people will also like the coup d’etat in Syzran on August 19 (the Syzran Tomato holiday) and the Baikal Wind festival of extreme sports, which will once again bring us back to the sea-Lake Baikal. A worthy finale of summer and the beginning of autumn will be the traditional Spasskaya Tower festival of military music bands, which takes place in Moscow. But there is also the ethnic festival “Krutushka”, the opera battles “Kazan Autumn”, the gastronomic festival “Sviyazhskaya Ukha” …

To spend the final month of summer with music, fireworks, a bonfire, fish soup and sails, good health is very important. But our microscopic enemies, viruses, do not sleep, and, as a rule, it is in the last ten days of August that another surge of acute respiratory viral infections, or SARS, occurs. Both viral attacks and the arrival of autumn are best met fully armed, strengthening the immune system in advance and setting the body to fight. Otherwise, instead of Neptune Day in the company of friends, there are chances of being in bed in the company of fever, headache, runny nose, weakness and fever. An assistant in resisting viruses and in the struggle for a worthy farewell to summer can be the drug Tsitovir-3, designed just for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections. The drug does not destroy specific viruses – there are more than 200 types of them! – but naturally activates a person’s own immunity, helping him not to get sick even when he meets cold pathogens. In just 4 days (this is how long a standard course of prevention or treatment lasts), Cytovir-3 enhances the production of special interferon proteins (cells of the immune system that can stop viruses), for up to a month! Acting gently and naturally, Tsitovir-3 helps either to avoid SARS, or to endure the disease easily and without complications. In addition, the drug is produced in Finland and meets the most stringent requirements of the EU countries.

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