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Julia Kovalchuk: gastritis

The singer adheres to proper nutrition is not the first year. She willingly shares her rules with subscribers. The slender singer did not come to a healthy lifestyle immediately, but after the treatment of gastritis. The latter arose against the background of malnutrition in his student years. Then the future star of “Brilliant” ate dry food: her menu included buns and sandwiches, chocolate bars and soda. Kovalchuk had no problems with being overweight – she weighed only five kilograms more than the usual norm.

Gastritis developed just against the background of constant errors in nutrition. As a result, the singer turned to specialists for help and reconsidered her attitude to food. Mayonnaise and ketchup cannot be found in Kovalchuk’s refrigerator. The young mother adheres to a separate diet, eats in small portions five times a day. Her favorite dish is her mother’s cutlets with mashed potatoes, but she rarely allows herself them and never seizes them with sweets. Moreover, the artist resolutely refused even coffee, with which she started every morning for many years. With problems with the stomach, coffee is often asked to be excluded, as it irritates the mucous membranes.

Yana Churikova: eating disorder

The ex-leader of Channel One struggled with an eating disorder for a long time. The TV presenter has been fighting for a slender figure for more than one year; during the “Star Factory” period, she often went on diets. The food system left much to be desired.

“At the second Factory, I was already coming out of anorexia / bulimia, but still I was still very thin. Of course, this has its advantages: I fit into the 42nd Russian size and proudly wore the chic and undersized first line of Jean Paul Gaultier, selected for me by a team of stylists, ”the TV presenter shared. Churikova noted then that she began to memorize texts worse, and her breasts were shrinking before her eyes. Having chosen the right nutrition, the TV presenter maintains a normal weight for many years and forgot about stomach problems.

Julia Lipnitskaya: anorexia

The Olympic champion knows firsthand about stomach problems and eating disorders. Rather, the skater had a much more serious diagnosis – anorexia. And in this case, it’s not about nutritional errors, but about the need to meet strict sports standards. Young athletes limit themselves in nutrition for years in order to be able to compete for medals. Lipnitskaya, as her former coach Eteri Tutberidze said, often drank one kefir – there is no need to talk about proper nutrition. The girl lived with anorexia for more than one year, and at the age of 19 she left the big sport and announced her diagnosis. And even met with condemnation. “After my diagnosis was announced, they began to write to me, asking why I did it. But even if I hadn’t said it myself, the information would still have been leaked. Anorexia is a disease of the XXI century, it occurs quite often. Unfortunately, not everyone can cope with it, ”Lipnitskaya said in an interview.

For the champion, the disease is over – Yulia successfully coped with it.

Lera Fedorovich: bulimia

The actress, who played the sous chef in the TV series “Kitchen”, knows firsthand what bulimia is – an eating disorder characterized by uncontrolled bouts of appetite. Fedorovich, of course, is not the only one who has encountered this pathology. One of the most famous patients is Lady Diana.

The actress, on the other hand, faced a problem as a student at the Shchepkinsky School. Losing weight for the sake of the profession is necessary not only for models, but also for actresses. Acting students are often asked to lose weight because the screen is fat. Fedorovich coped with extra pounds successfully, but after a while the weight began to jump. Fedorovich constantly wanted to eat and complained of abdominal pain. The actress regularly visited a gastroenterologist, who assured that the girl was fine. Bulimia also has a psychological aspect. Eating problems continued for three years.

“I lost weight, then gained weight again. In the fifth season of “Kitchen” I gained a lot of weight, although I went in for sports, did not eat after six, but the extra pounds did not go away. And then I just admitted that I have a problem. And this is the first step towards normalizing everything, ”Valeria shared.

Now the mother of two children teaches them to eat right. Cereals, cereals, vegetables, meat and fish are the basis of their diet. Sweets are rare and have the right composition (often without sugar and white flour).

Christina Asmus: stomach pain due to diets

If the heroines listed above coped with their problems, then Christina Asmus honestly admits that she has not adjusted her eating behavior. Before shooting or scenes in the theater in underwear, the actress can not eat for several days, making do with a cup of coffee and an apple. Asmus does not advise following her habit, as it is unhealthy: stomach pains are familiar to her firsthand. Christina even somehow turned to the help of subscribers: she was looking for nutritionists among them who could adjust her diet. And the reason for everything is, according to Asmus, complexes from childhood. The girl was seriously engaged in artistic gymnastics – this sport implies dietary restrictions, because during exercises on shells the weight of an athlete matters.

Doctors state: gastritis and eating disorders are diagnosed more and more often. There are several reasons for this: food has become so affordable that many simply abuse it. Fast food, alcohol, fast carbohydrates, lack of diet and chronic stress contribute to the formation of pathologies.

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